stock reservation in warehouse

Stock Reservation against Orders Introduced in Warehouse Management System


Ginesys retail solution has introduced a feature which provides provision to reserve stock at the stock keeping areas, i.e., bins in the warehouse. This may be done in case there are critical times of strategic orders which need to be fulfilled first before others. You can see all pending sales orders and then reserve stock against any order. Some automatic reservation rules are also provided:

Max fit bin first: In this, the bin with the maximum quantity of the order is reserved first

Min fit bin first: Wherein, the bin having minimum quantity required for n order is reserved first

Bin Sequence: In this rule, the stock is reserved as per the bin sequence in the bin master

Once several orders are reserved for a pick, a pick can be generated against the same and the pick list will indicate the bins to utilise. Thus, with this feature, the entire warehouse can be managed with just a few clicks and the users can have their entire stock management system channelized.

Raman sharma | May 23rd, 2017
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