Store Goods Receive in POS

Store Goods Receive can be now checked in POS via Tolerance


It often happens that the quantity of the items received at store POS does not match the quantity dispatched from the warehouse or replenishment site. This may be due to following reasons

1. Actual dispatch quantity was wrong (this can lead to short/ excess quantity being received at store)

2. While the goods are in transit, some goods are lost (this usually results in a shortfall in receipt)

While the first point indicates a human error the second point is really important as it may be due to pilferage or some negligence while the goods are in transit. Identifying the reasons of mismatch and going into the root cause of it very critical. Earlier the users (if allowed to do so from Head Office) are allowed to receive the items at the store POS, irrespective of the quantity mentioned in the document which is a critical loophole.

Now Ginesys retail management software has an option to set the tolerance limit for mismatch from the HO in terms of percentage of total quantity. This can be set for both excess as well as short quantity received at the retail store POS. If the quantity exceeds the tolerance limit the intervention of HO or a person from superior role in the store is required to complete the goods receipt.

Raman sharma | June 15th, 2016
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