Sales per square foot per day (SPSFD)

What is SPSFD and Why is it Important?


Sales per square foot per day (SPSFD) is a key metric that you need to track. It is a measure of how well you are utilising your selling space. Most brands and retailers do track this and it is possible to do this in most software either as a straightforward report or as a custom option. This figure is also usually reported publicly if it is a listed retail company hence making comparison with leaders in the same category of goods possible. Another alternative might be to track SPSFD where you are considering your warehouse / DC space as well. This will definitely be a custom report and it gives an overall space/ resource utilisation picture. But this picture is not usually reported for most listed companies and an average for your category might be difficult to find out. In these days of high rentals it is a rough and ready metric to see if you are making a profit considering your rent/ sq ft / day + inventory cost / day.

Raman sharma | March 29th, 2017
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