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Grocery Store Management Software

Grocery Store Management Software

There are hundreds and thousands of retail stores and small businesses across our country today. When running a business, there are so many things a proprietor needs to think of, in terms of sales, a customer base, inventory, store management, employee hiring, calculating taxes and GST, and so much more.

When a store reaches a certain size and the scale of operations increases, it becomes necessary to go beyond pen-and-paper to keep track of all your dealings. There are simply too many areas to keep track of in your mind, and it slowly begins to dawn on you that there must be a better and simpler way of doing it. Luckily, there is, and we at Ginesys have just the thing for you.

If you run a retail outlet or a grocery store, in particular, chances are your business could greatly benefit from implementing a POS (Point-of-sale) system that can help you manage your day-to-day dealings far better. These grocery store management softwares have so many different functions that you will be awestruck by the possibilities. At Ginesys, we are in the business of delivering that very same sense of awe. 

Grocery Software

Here are some ways in which a grocery store software can help you run your store better: 

  • Billing - Your grocery software can add up the total of the items in any given customer’s cart by scanning the barcode of each product. This is a process that can be done more speedily than manually adding up the values of each product on paper. Using the software also makes for an error-free experience. 
  • Taking different forms of payment - Grocery store management softwares also makes it possible to register different kinds of payments. They are as follows: 
  1. Cash - This is collected at the time and place of sale and is deposited into the register. 
  2. Debit and credit cards - By swiping their cards with your card machines, money is deposited from the customer’s bank account directly into your store’s account. This can also take place in a similar way through wifi-enabled chip cards. These need to only be tapped to transfer money from the account the card is linked to into your business’ account.
  3. Contactless payment through UPIs - These transactions enable customers to pay from their mobile phones through applications like Google Pay, Paytm, and PhonePe. This is crucial while adhering to social distancing norms during the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. 
  • Learning what your customers like - You can start to have a better idea of how to set the price for your goods and services once you have a history of a customer’s purchases. Since all transactions are stored in your grocery software, you can easily access different kinds of information at any time. This allows you to lure more customers in by providing offers and discounts, while also starting loyalty programs for long-standing customers. You can count on them returning to your business more often to meet their purchasing requirements because they will be getting special offers and deals from your store only. 
  • Staffing purposes - Through your grocery store management software, you can keep track of the coming and going of each and every employee in your store. You can also assess the productivity, regularity, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of each of these individuals working under you that are indeed assets for your business. 
  • Tracking stock levels - Keeping a check on the level of stock of your business is one of the most crucial aspects of running it. Purchasing too much stock can lead to wastage while having too little can lead to missed opportunities and losses. As you want to maintain maximum profitability without being at risk of being understocked, grocery software will help you keep track of how many units you have purchased, stored, and sold. 
  • Noting store performance - Grocery store management software helps you factor in different conditions that affect your business. This may be in the form of working hours, store location, and number of sales over a time period. These are important factors that can help you understand the workings of your business far better, and can enable you to know what to change and what to keep. 

At Ginesys, our tailor-made proprietary grocery store software is sure to handle all your retail operations with more organization and efficiency. Allow us to help you raise the bar today! 

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