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10 Reasons why GST Returns Filing Software is Important for Businesses!


10 Reasons why GST Returns Filing Software is Important for Businesses!
GST Returns Filing Software
August 23, 2022


A very busy morning, lots of orders to dispatch, your store needs your expertise, taxation deadlines piled up, unopened government notifications, and no coffee. Can’t do a lot about the coffee, but as for the tasks, you can delegate all of your taxation burden to a GST filing software.

Understanding and managing taxation can be extremely difficult for businesses. Even more so for bigger corporations, because of the complexity and volume of the transactions. The nuisance of dealing with constantly changing policies, filing returns on time, technological challenges, manual errors, disturbed account reconciliation is a major deal breaker in the way of becoming a well managed corporation.

It can all be prevented, with a simple tech addition, i.e. EaseMyGST in your daily work routine.

In-built GST rule engine:
200+ GST validations to make sure that data goes to GSTN perfectly! Including:

Invoice/DN/CN Number and Date Validation
Tax Amount vis-à-vis rate applied
Transaction with Registered/unregistered parties
Duplication Check
GSTIN Validation
Place of supply Validation
HSN Validation (include Automatic HSN Generation)
Transactional validations to meet needs of GSTN

Seamless ERP integration -
You can integrate EMG’s GST filing software with your existing ERP without a hassle. Our custom built connector helps with the GST data transaction between your ERP and our GST software. Some of the ERPs we are working with include SAP, Ginesys and even accounting packages like Tally.

Easy Return Filing -
No more worrying about the complications of filing your returns. The seamless data movement helps carrying out smooth GSTR 1, GSTR 3B & GSTR 9 filing and helps manage purchases.

You Data is Secured -
Your data is secured on the cloud server, with end-to-end encryption, when in transit or when it is still.

Way Bill Implementation -
Generate/Update/Cancel/Extend/Reject EWB.
Integration with different software & excel templates
Log history of all your E-way bills till date.
Alerts & notifications to stay updated all the time
Vendor, Item, transporter and Distance masters
Branch Level Access to quickly view or generate the E-way bills.

Easy E-Invoice Generation -
Generate IRN, QR-Code & Digital Sign
Generate IRN & EWB, per-Invoice or Batch, Cancel IRN / EWB
Printable Invoice Documents (PDFs) Generation
Output (PDFs) made available with IRN Number, QR Code & Digital Sign
e-Delivery Documents
Reconciliation : Ex : EWB Vs GSTR 1/ ANX 1

Centralization of GSTIN(s) -
Now manage the GST functions of all your business entities on a single dashboard with single login

Smart Reporting -
Get access to over 30+ GST ready reports including the key reports like GSTR 2 vs. GSTR 2A multi month (comparison of 18 months data altogether), GSTR 3B vs. GSTR 1, consolidated annual filed reports for GSTR 1 and GSTR3B, Ledgers – Cash,

Credit & Liability direct from GSTN, GSTR 1 all types of Outward Report i.e., B2B, B2C, Export, CDN etc, and all types of Inward Reports B2B, Imports, CDN.

High Tolerance -
Manage high intensity and high volume GST activities with EMG. It has an uptime of over 99.99%

Data Reconciliation -
Easily compare the data inserted by the supplier and the purchaser to check the data accuracy. Helps figure out if any entry is missing. EaseMyGST compares and bifurcates invoices into multiple categories to ease the entire reconciliation process. This category includes:
Absolute Match
Mismatch (High Category)
Mismatch (Medium Category)
Mismatch (Low Category)
Missing Inward
Missing Outward
Auto Match with Tolerance level (Tolerance upcoming)
Probable Match
Mismatch finding at PAN level (upcoming)
Managing the tolerance level (upcoming)
PAN Level Reco Report (upcoming)

In addition to all the above benefits, we can give you a more comprehensive set of benefits that you can derive for your business from the GST filing software.

Let’s connect and discuss!