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The changes that Retailers need to look out for in the POS systems of 2018!


The changes that Retailers need to look out for in the POS systems of 2018!
The changes that Retailers need to look out for in the POS systems of 2018!
May 23, 2018


Many regards this era as the golden age of technology, and almost everything can be done online. This has had a huge impact on every aspect of life and POS systems are no exception to this. The traditional POS systems have become a thing of the past, and they are shifting towards more advanced-capabilities that give the merchants greater flexibility, control and business insight than ever before. Let’s take a look at the main changes that POS Software features have gone through in recent times: 

Shared Commerce

By taking the Brick and Mortar operations online, businesses have the potential to grow exponentially. That being said, Retailers often struggle with the tedious and unnecessary task of consolidating data between online and offline sales. But this is no longer an issue, mainly due to the availability of a shared commerce POS system which helps businesses save time by automating the process. 

Integrated CRM

CRM integrated POS systems have become the norm in today’s Retail world. This is mainly due to the fact that CRM integration helps businesses increase retail sales and boost revenue. Traditional POS systems were mainly concerned with providing the basic data regarding customer behaviour. But with CRM integration, POS systems can now help retailers identify those customers that are beneficial to them and hence loyalty programmes etc can be based on this information.

The CRM integration offered by Ginesys allows retailers to collect all types of customer data from POS transactions and this includes names, billing, shipping details, emails, loyalty program membership details, order histories and a lot more. Our solution helps businesses organize this information, synchronize and distribute this information to the various departments, and as a result helps improve customer experience.

Big Data

It is a common misconception that Big Data is only useful for large-scale businesses with extensive intelligence budgets. Small business now has access to affordable powerful data right at their fingertips- from their POS systems. With the help of POS software like Ginesys, retailers now have a robust data gathering and reporting feature that gives business owners a complete overview of how their business is performing. This, in turn, allows them to narrow down and focus on those areas of the business that needs improvement. 

Point of Sale Security

With all these advancements in technology, it is important to have measures set in place to safeguard them as well. This is why POS security is something that retailers need to give the utmost importance too. POS systems are constantly under threat of hacks since they contain valuable data. Hence most well-established POS solutions like Ginesys will ensure that all steps are undertaken to ensure complete security of the POS system.