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ERP and OMS - A Match Made in Ginesys One


ERP and OMS - A Match Made in Ginesys One
Ginesys ERP and OMS Integration
June 19, 2023


Integration of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Order Management System (OMS) has become a game-changer for D2C ecommerce businesses, multichannel retailers and omnichannel retailers seeking to streamline their operations and achieve greater efficiency. ERP serves as a comprehensive software solution that manages various aspects of a company's operations, such as finance, inventory, procurement, and human resources. On the other hand, OMS focuses specifically on order processing, inventory management, and fulfillment.

By integrating these two powerful systems, businesses can achieve seamless data flow, real-time visibility, and end-to-end automation, resulting in improved inventory accuracy, enhanced customer experiences, and optimized supply chain processes. The ERP and OMS integration paves the way for businesses to unlock new levels of operational excellence and gain a competitive edge in today's fast-paced and demanding marketplace.

What is an OMS?

Ecommerce has come a long way and so have e-commerce operations. Order management systems help brands update various online channels with SKU information, provide latest updated inventory and pricing, run discounts and fulfil orders with shipping integrations and ERP and accounting integrations.

What is Browntape (Ginesys OMS)?

Browntape is India's leading ecommerce order management system (OMS) that is integrated with Flipkart, Ajio, Amazon and other marketplaces and commerce platforms like Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento and more. It is a Ginesys One OMS that is seamlessly integrated as part of India's only retail tech suite Ginesys One.

What is a connected app?

Connected Apps is a technology concept of integration in Ginesys ERP that allows ERP to connect with the other satellite applications under the Ginesys One suite. Master data is mapped and connection API keys are saved to ensure a seamless operation. Error logging framework is common and data integration is standardized across all customers using the applications. It is different from the custom integrations done with the ERP for a specific app that is not part of Ginesys One for a specific customer. 

What is the Ginesys Browntape integration at the warehouse ?

Ginesys ERP is integrated with Browntape OMS to update near real-time changes in warehouse to the OMS. Apart from the inventory is synced from the Ginesys POS running in the retail stores to the OMS. With this Browntape integration, OMS sends any new or cancelled orders to the warehouse. Any free stock is automatically allocated to the order. Once picked from the warehouse bins and shipped the updates are synced back to the OMS. This works for both B2C and B2B piece-wise orders. Delivery details are also being captured in ERP through this integration. 

What are the benefits of this integration?

The benefits of Browntape OMS and ERP integration are as follows:

  1. No need to separate the online inventory or channel-wise inventory in the warehouse. This means that your business can operate at higher inventory turns.
  2. Faster near real-time sync between channels and ERP

    This is a key requirement to ensure that you get orders that can actually be fulfilled. The faster the communication between ERP, POS and OMS the better the results of the operations and more accurate order allocation

  3. Allows for omni retail

    Omnichannel retail requires OMS to have a view of POS data in near realtime. The integration helps publish this data to OMS automatically.

  4. Accurate understanding of channel-wise profitability

    With the correct posting of sales to the correct sales ledgers you can have a clear track on channel-wise gross profits and how to improve the business on the channel.

  5. Complete integration with warehouse operations

    Deep integration has led to the ambit of warehouse operations being under severe scrutiny and need for a robust WMS. Ginesys WMS is now fully integrated with Browntape OMS and all actions are having an impact in both directions from order to cancellation to picking to shipping. This ensures a very high accuracy of inventory in the warehouse and hence an accurate inventory pool for online orders.

  6. Single channel of support

    Ginesys ERP, POS, Ecommerce OMS are part of the Ginesys One suite and hence supported by a single sales team that is working together for Ginesys One customers. All inter-team communications are handled internally.

The seamless flow of data between ERP and OMS enables real-time visibility, accurate inventory tracking, and streamlined order processing, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and increased operational efficiency. With Ginesys One, businesses can harness the potential of ERP and OMS integration to achieve greater control, scalability, and profitability. Embracing this match made in Ginesys One opens a world of possibilities for businesses to thrive in today's competitive landscape and deliver exceptional experiences to their customers.

With this update we can truly say we are in the age of connected or omni retail where brands can confidently sell on online and offline using a single inventory. We are fulfilling our commitment of Ginesys One being the single suite for all omni workflows.

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