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Future Storming with Ginesys 2017- Delhi Edition



10 Years into the journey of Ginesys we held “Future Storming with Ginesys 2017 – Delhi edition” where we got a chance to host top brands and retailers from across India. The event showcased our roadmap- making our clients future ready covering GST changes in Ginesys ERP, heading towards our new collaboration portal EasemyRetail – the future of Retail.

The highlight of the event was an open-house session on GST, hosted by Mr. Bimal Jain, India’s leading expert on indirect taxes. Mr. Jain conveyed the huge impact which GST implementation would bring and the amount of preparation needed for it.

Team Ginesys chose this occasion to launch its own GST returns portal – EaseMyGST. EaseMyGST is super easy to use and makes the task of matching GST invoices with your vendor a breeze.

The finale was a token of thanks to our clients who have been with us since the beginning of the decade-long journey. These are: V-mart, Ritu Wears, Chunmun, LaMode, Richlook, Surya Sarees, Rational Handloom and Shakuntalam.

A big thank you once again for being there with us and making it a success.



Bimal Jain - GST open house


10 Years of Association with RichLook


GST preparedness


10 Years of Association with Surya Sarees


Raman sharma | May 17th, 2017
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