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Ginesys featured in Retailer Magazine


Ginesys featured in Retailer Magazine
Ginesys featured in Retailer Magazine
April 22, 2014


Retailer Magazine published an article on Importance of Business Intelligence in the Retail world. Chandradeep Sen, VP Marketing & Sales Ginesys, in his article ‘Business Intelligence for Retailers’ emphasized on multiple advantages of BI.

The common problem with all the retailers in today’s world that they are surrounded by mountains of unstructured data and they are doing complicating efforts to pull valuable business insights from it. They have multiples questions in their mind on various parameters:

>Identifying the store that is selling the most

>Identifying the Right product at the right place at the right time

>Identifying the customer preference on popular colors, fabric, style and many more of the apparel

>Analyzing the salesman performance and comparison by any date, year of working

>Optimizing the inventory

>Retaining the customers to gain advantage over competitors

Multiple questions lead to multiple reports and for each report, you keep on asking the spreadsheet from the IT and data management teams. It takes a lot of time to get the real- time reports which in there by delays lots of important decision.

What if… you get a solution to all this real time by simply clicking through interactive graphical dashboards… It makes life easy and helps them to take a confirmed business decision.

Ginesys Analytics Dashboard Suite, integrated with v11 ERP software, is a graphical web-based tool, which enables you to take business decisions on the move, by simply clicking through interactive graphical dashboards. It integrates intelligence across all retail modules and allows retailers and brands to be more efficient, spot areas for cost savings and identify new business opportunity that lie ahead.