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GST Registration Online – Step By Step Guide For GST Registration


GST Registration Online – Step By Step Guide For GST Registration
Step By Step Guide For GST Registration
February 2, 2023


Who Has To Get Registered Under GST?

● For a business entity that is presently registered under any of the currently active tax regimes, it is mandatory to migrate under the GST law, irrespective of the threshold limits.

● If you are the supplier of goods and services and are not registered under the existing tax laws, then you are only required to register if your aggregate turnover, in any financial year, exceeds the threshold limit. 
The existing threshold limit specified by the GST council is Rs.40 lakhs for all the States (except in a few special states where the threshold  is Rs. 20 Lakhs)

● Suppliers who are engaged in the supply of the following goods or services are also not required to register under GST: 
○ Exempted Goods (List is yet to be notified by the GST council) 
○ Liquor for Human Consumption
○ Petroleum Products 
○ Importing Services for Personal Use 

● The following list of suppliers will have to get themselves registered, even if they do not exceed the threshold limit. 
○ Casual Taxable Person 
○ Non-Resident Person 
○ Entities engaged in the Inter-State supply of Goods and/or Services. 
○ Entities required to deduct TDS u/s 46 or collect TCS u/s 56. 
○ Entities involved in the supply of Data Management Services. 
○ Input Service Distributors (ISD) 
○ E-commerce operators supplying Goods and Services online, directly or acting as a mediator between a third-party and consumers.


What is the Registration Process?

If you are a composite taxpayer or a regular dealer, the following steps need to be taken for a proper GST registration:
● Fill Part – A of the Form ’GST REG-01’. Provide important details in the form, such as PAN, mobile number, and Email ID. Submit the form. 
● The PAN will be verified on the GST Portal. The Mobile number and Email ID you entered in the above form will be verified with an OTP (One Time Password). 
● On your registered Mobile number and Email ID, you will receive an Application Reference Number. 
● Fill Part – B of the Form GST REG-01 and state the Application Reference Number you have received. Attach other necessary documents and submit the form. 
● Following list of documents have to be uploaded: 
○ Constitution of the Taxpayer: Partnership Deed, Registration Certificate or any other Proof of Constitution. 
○ Photographs: Photographs of the proprietor, partners, managing trustee, committee etc., and authorized signatory. 
○ Bank Account Proofs: Scanned copy of the first page of the bank passbook or bank statement.
○ Authorization Forms: For every authorized signatory, upload the Authorization Copy or a Copy of Resolution of Managing Committee or Board of Directors in the directed format. 
○ Proof: Proof of the main or any other additional place(s) of Business. 
■ For Owned Premises – Any document in support of the ownership of the premises. 
■ For Rented or Leased Premises – Copy of the Rent Agreement or the Lease agreement along with any document in support of ownership of the concerned landlord.
● If any other additional information is required, a Form ‘GST REG-03’ will be issued to you by the government. You will be required to respond accordingly in the Form ‘GST REG-04’ within 7 working days from the date of receipt of the Form ‘GST REG-03’. 
● If the information that has been submitted by you via Form ‘GST REG-01’ or Form ‘GST REG-04’ is verified, a certificate of registration in the Form ‘GST REG-06’ will be issued to you within 3 days from the date of receipt of Form ‘GST REG-01’ or Form ‘GST REG-04’. 
● If the details that you have submitted in the Form ‘GST REG-01’ or Form ‘GST REG-04’ are not acceptable to the authorities, the registration application is rejected using Form ‘GST REG-05’. What are the GST Registration Forms for Other Stakeholders? 
● Form ‘GST REG-07’ – Application for the Registration as a Tax Deductor or Tax Collector at Source. 
● Form ‘GST REG-08’ – Order of Cancellation of Application for Registration as a Tax Deductor or Tax Collector at Source.
● Form ‘GST REG-09’ – Application for the Allotment of a Unique ID to UN Bodies/Embassies. 
● Form ‘GST REG-10’ – Application for Registration for a Non-Resident Taxable Person.


I have my GSTIN. What next?
Once you have obtained your GSTIN from the government, you are all set to file your GST returns and do business in the new regime. Here at EaseMyGST, we will help you in setting up your business for the GST regime.


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