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How Retailers Can Efficiently manage the Purchase Flow


How Retailers Can Efficiently manage the Purchase Flow
How Retailers Can Efficiently manage the Purchase Flow
February 23, 2018


Efficiently managing the purchase flow is something that Organisations have often struggled with. This leads to problems like spending too much time on purchases, not taking advantage of discounts etc. This is where Retail ERP Solutions like Ginesys comes into play since it provides Retailers with a way to create and maintain purchase flows.

The common issues that Retailers face in Purchase Flow Management are:

  • Difficulties in managing the processes of calculating inventory levels

  • Absence of a purchase plan

  • Purchasing details are not transmitted to sales, production, and inventory.

  • Mismanagement of purchase requests.

Ginesys Retail ERP helps users manage purchase requests, purchase plans, and purchase orders prior to making purchases. Retailers can process requests faster with an internal approval function and reduce time spent making decisions with real-time information. With an integrated accounting system, you can gain insight into purchasing costs and cash flow.

Benefits of using Ginesys:

  • It’s an affordable Retail ERP system that can work with the current purchase flow in your company.

  • Gain more visibility over the purchasing flow to reduce bottlenecks and wasted time

  • The Purchasing system can integrate with sales, inventory and accounting modules.

Key Functions:

  • To manage the Purchase Requests with an automatic calculation of the best purchase quantities.

  • Creation of purchase plans based on customer order details, purchase requests, safety stock and current inventory levels.

  • Managing purchase orders by automatically loading customer order details or by the amount entered in the purchase plan.

  • Allows retailers to easily manage the invoices post-purchase.