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How to take Retail Personalisation to the next level


How to take Retail Personalisation to the next level
How to take Retail Personalisation to the next level
March 19, 2018


Brick and Mortar Retailers often tend to dismiss customer personalization as a strategy reserved for e-commerce businesses. But the key to success as an offline retailer is to implement personalization within your customer experience. A good majority of customers are likely to switch brands if the company doesn’t take an effort to personalize communications to them, and this is very important in today’s competitive Retail market where the customers have a wide array of alternatives that they can choose from. Hence Retailers can no longer turn a blind eye to this and quick action is expected if they desire success. 

Collect as much Data as you can

The first step to an effective strategy for personalization in Retail is collecting data, and the easiest way of doing this is through the loyalty programmes. Retail Loyalty programmes are something that has been around for a number of years and a good majority of consumers tend to choose to shop at stores that have a good loyalty programme. Loyalty programmes are a great way to increase customer lifetime value and this, in turn, encourages consumers to come back to you. Repeat purchases are valuable but Retailers ought to give more emphasis on the data that they mine each and every transaction since this is what will drive their success. Key factors that Retailers need to focus on is to ensure that the loyalty programmes are easy for customers to engage with.

Omni-Channel experience 

Omni-Channel experiences are the building blocks towards an effective customer personalization experience since it’s not possible to create a personalized experience if the consumers are treated differently online and offline. Armed with a consistent Omni channel experience, Retailers can start implementing effective personalization strategies. When it comes to effectively using data for personalization in Omni-Channel Retailing, the first step is marketing. And there is no better place to start than the personalized email. POS solutions like Ginesys can let your data go to work by integrating with the latest email marketing technologies. The main goal is to find a solution that enables Retailers to email the right customer the right product at the right time. 

Add human curation both online and offline

For offline retailers to thrive, they need to personalize at the core, merging both online and offline experiences to further deepen their customer connections. The most basic customer connection to merge is the human one and this is precisely why E-commerce giants like Amazon are creating offline outposts for their brand. Research suggests Majority of online shoppers felt that online shopping lacks the same level service found within a brick-and-mortar store. All retailers regardless of size and budget can offer similar experiences 

In-Store technology 

Now that we’ve discussed the importance of adding a human element, it’s time to double down on the technology. Personalisation efforts of the retailers need to go beyond just marketing and sales. Brands like Nike have been experimenting with product personalization with the help of popups that allow consumers to create their own branded merchandise from a selection of designs. Retailers can also start by adding kiosks with digital screens that display personalized content to shoppers based on popular products. 

Hence, in conclusion, the technology for Personalization in Retail is a brand-new frontier and it is up to the Retailers to push the boundaries and innovate. Even though this is an investment, Retailers can never really go wrong with creating a better brand experience for their customers in mind and implementing a Retail POS software like Ginesys will help them achieve this. Opportunities to create a unique and personalized experience should be taken without fail and the Retailers that do not personalize will find their customers taking up a relationship with another competitive brand.