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Importance of Point of Sale in Customer Experience


Importance of Point of Sale in Customer Experience
Importance of Point of Sale in Customer Experience
April 22, 2024


As the retail sector continues to expand and the competition becomes increasingly steep, retailers need to continue focusing on Customer Experience (CX). CX is more important than ever for retail brands aiming to secure a loyal customer base by fostering brand loyalty.

However, in an era where consumer preferences are rapidly changing, offering a robust CX can be challenging, especially as commerce is not limited to in-store experience. To reach as many customers are possible, more and more brands are leveraging omnichannel sales, so that whatever the consumption pattern of the customer, ventures can capture their attention.

Are you Equipped to Drive Top-Notch Customer Experience?

Interacting with clients has never been easier since retail management has gone digital. Digitized retail operations have contributed to smooth customer journeys- be it quick and error-free billing or targeted marketing campaigns and personalized offers. In recent years, POS software have ensured that brands can put forth the best possible CX as they are instrumental in not just fast-tracking the sales process but also making the best of client information.

In this blog, we will discuss what makes POS software essential for implementing a solid CX and how Ginesys POS can help brands.


Importance of Point of Sale in Customer Experience



Discover a potent tool that will help you drive CX.



How are Point of Sale Software Powering CX?

The following are some of the key CX-boosting capabilities of a well-rounded POS solution:

Loyalty programs and gift vouchers:

 As POS records the comprehensive transaction history between the client and the brand, the tool is the definite solution for running attractive Loyal programs and gift vouchers. A Forrester study has shown that consumers are more likely to trade personal information for loyalty program benefits. Thus, brands can further personalize their marketing efforts as per the personal information, delivering better CX. Loyalty programs also generate curiosity among the clients when it comes to new products. Also, brands can easily test out new products based on loyal program-oriented benefits because clients may be more prone to buy things where there is a discount, or the product comes cheap due to loyalty point redemption.

Connecting information about gift vouchers in one’s POS system can be helpful for prompt disbursal of benefits. Gift vouchers are helping brands reach a wide range of buyers. On the other hand, when POS software supports the purchase of gift vouchers, which can be passed on from one customer to another, brands can potentially reach new audiences organically. The vouchers can also be used as a token to smooth over a poor consumer experience.

Customer details:

 A robust POS makes it easy for the brand to enrol customers onto their database and easily update customer information when needed. This way the personalized marketing efforts that POS help retailers carry out can continue as per updated details. 

Quick rewards and gift voucher redemption:

 Good CX involves smart suggestions to reduce bill amount. When POS systems clearly show how many loyalty points, retailers can easily guide buyers to reduce the bill amount by using up the points on the go. Similarly, buyers can enjoy a pleasant shopping experience when they can immediately avail the benefits of gift vouchers to get a product, they a curious about or have long planned to avail of at the best price. 

Swift cashier-driven checkout and self-checkout:

 Long queues can make an otherwise enjoyable shopping trip challenging, especially when one is in a hurry. POS software allows reading RFID or barcodes to hasten the billing process, keeping the queues moving thus preventing crowding at the billing counters. However, during peak seasons manned checkouts may not suffice. This is where a self-checkout-enabled POS is a game-changer. Apart from ensuring that customers don’t have to lug their heavy bags in a long queue, self-checkout also helps buyers have quiet, hassle-free shopping if they are looking for an interaction-free retail experience.


Importance of Point of Sale in Customer Experience



Discover a potent tool that will help you drive CX.



Capability of placing orders for unavailable sizes or items:

Often customers have queries for items that are either out of stock or are not available in the right size. In such cases, if a brand

attempts to the customer to place an order right then, it shows that the retailer is eager to serve the consumer needs, making a solid impression. There is another advantage of enabling the ordering of out-of-stock items: when customers come back to the store to pick up the order, the brand may make additional sales.

To place an order for unavailable items, POS tools must have these two features: Endless Aisle and Save the Sale. Endless Aisle helps users browse items that are in stock in other locations and warehouses or are generally part of the inventory, aiding in order placement. Save the sale, on the other hand, is used for size issues where customers can book items in their size from other stores.

For these features to work seamlessly, the POS systems of multiple stores and the warehouse ERP should be connected via real-time connectors to get an immediate view of inventory at other locations.



Know how POS software can help you with CX.




Customer feedback collation:

Brands place great value on customer feedback because it gives a holistic idea of areas of improvement in their operations. However, storing a constant stream of feedback across sales channels is easier said than done. Regarding customer feedback, that is essential for boosting CX, POS plays a major role. This is because, at the end of each transaction, retailers can generate a feedback form on SMS/ Email or on a digital screen and collate it via the POS onto the transaction database.

Smart digital receipts:

There is more to e-bills than mere cost-saving on paper. As more and more consumers are going green, a key component of their shopping excursion that reflects their value system is the e-invoice. Digital invoices don’t just take up less space in the buyer’s purse but also are easy to store and can be effortlessly retrieved in case of returns.

Compatibility with diverse payment methods:

When a Point of Sale (POS) solution accommodates the scope to include diverse payment methods, it improves CX by boosting flexibility and convenience across the purchasing journey. Diverse payment methods foster inclusivity as they cater to different payment preferences and the diverse needs of customers, regardless of their financial circumstances or readiness for technology.

Instant/quick refunds or exchanges for returns:

Trust is the cornerstone for success in the retail sector as it is in other industries. When customers encounter issues with a product or service, their perception of the brand largely depends on the resolution process. This is why delivering on the promise of refunds or swift addressing of client issues via the exchange of damaged products is pivotal. Such prompt actions on client dissatisfaction enhance CX as they signal that the brand cares about offering the best possible brand experience. Thus, a POS software which allows retailers to initiate refunds in an effortless manner aids the business in showcasing excellent customer service while also saving the customer the trouble of repeatedly following up on the issues. Positive word-of-mouth stemming from exceptional customer service can significantly impact a company's reputation and bottom line.

Fast delivery for online orders:

Advanced POS capabilities include smooth integration with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Ecommerce OMS tools. Due to this integration when an order is placed, retailers can optimize the movement of the item ordered by selecting the nearest and the most convenient store.

Once the order is placed and the item is traced in the store it can be further packed and shipped using the Order Management Systems or the POS software. Regardless of the software used for packing and shipping, the final invoice gets reposted in the POS system as a sale record. In this manner, POS, being the starting and ending point of an order journey, helps in delivering orders efficiently. To any seasoned retailer, it is evident that responsiveness in order fulfilment shows that the brand is proactive to the customer’s needs.

Among the host of retail management suites in the market, Ginesys One is one of the most popular choices amongst ventures from diverse sectors. Ginesys cloud POS (aka Zwing), including the mPOS and the Web POS, and Ginesys Desktop POS are sought-after tools from the suite. In the next section of this blog, let’s explore how Ginesys POS helps companies uphold their CX.


Point of Sales Software Powering Customer Experience



Is your POS software equipped to deliver robust CX?



Enhancing CX with Ginesys One POS

As a comprehensive solution for boosting CX, both Ginesys POS and Zwing POS integrate efficiently with loyalty program providers that allow easy storage and use of loyal points. Thus, our solutions effectively tap into the transaction history of each customer so that personalized offers can be leveraged, and the customers can make the best of the marketing efforts. We also understand that retailers often need to issue gift vouchers to manage escalations as well as for marketing purposes. This is why, Ginesys and Zwing POS support easy issuance and redemption of gift cards. The software is also efficient in updating customer details, making sure that personalized marketing efforts continue to reach the consumers, leading to long-term brand loyalty.

Ginesys POS and Zwing are also effective in driving excellent in-store experience as it is compatible with diverse payment methods. Zwing’s self-checkout options reduce wait times even during peak seasons. The software is also helpful for placing orders for unavailable items, helping the brand showcase its commitment to serving customer needs promptly. 

Via the POS tool, we also strive to facilitate companies to collate customer feedback, allowing them to gather valuable insights for improving operations. Additionally, Ginesys POS and Zwing are integrated with smart digital receipt providers that are eco-friendly and offer convenience in storing and retrieving receipts.

Quick Glance:   

  • Retailers prioritize Customer Experience (CX) amidst stiff competition.
  • Omnichannel sales facilitate wider customer engagement.
  • POS software enhances CX through loyalty programs, quick rewards, and order placement features.
  • Ginesys One POS integrates loyalty programs, diverse payment methods, and self-checkout options.
  • Overall, Ginesys One POS streamlines operations, personalizes interactions, and ensures seamless shopping experiences, bolstering brand loyalty.

In conclusion, POS software from Ginesys One with its comprehensive features and capabilities provides robust CX by streamlining operations, personalising interactions, and delivering seamless shopping experiences.

From efficient loyalty program integration to diverse payment method compatibility, Ginesys POS ensures a smooth in-store experience, including self-checkout options to reduce wait times. It enables prompt order placement for unavailable items, showcasing the brand's commitment to customer needs.  

Additionally, the software facilitates customer feedback collation and offers eco-friendly digital receipts for convenience. By leveraging Ginesys One POS, businesses can enhance their CX strategy and foster long-term brand loyalty. For further details, feel free to contact us! 

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