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Manufacturing Importance in Retail


Manufacturing Importance in Retail
Manufacturing Importance in Retail
July 29, 2014


In today’s fast-moving and hyper-competitive market, every decision needs to be made with the goal of optimizing the entire product lifecycle. Maximize the visibility and consistency of the entire manufacturing operations – inventory planning, forecasting, real- time data reports and thereby meet the customer expectations and provide an accelerating the growth to your business. The Manufacturing solution enables you to:

>Forecast production and materials based on sales inputs and track against sales orders.

>Connect end- to- end visibility across the entire value chain.

>Deliver real time data and analytics to improve and evaluate the process visibility of your Business.

>Accurate Tracking of Finished materials against Manufacturing Order.

>Manage production lead time and scheduled completion time.

>Process, jobber, article, item-wise rates and service invoice tracking.

>Identifying and managing the intricate work- in- progress situations.

>Reduces the risk of wastage through tracking of actual versus planned consumption and efforts.

>Seamlessly account integration that empowers continuous improvement across the chain.

For full details on Ginesys Manufacturing Solution please click on the link below.