mark down price calculation

Mark Down option has been provided for price calculations of item creation


While setting up Retail Sale Price (RSP) and Wholesale Price (WSP), it is quite easy if we take into consideration only the cost price of goods and the markup percentage. But, there are situations wherein the retailer or wholesaler would like the system to calculate the RSP or WSP by taking two things into consideration - first that seller does not fall under loss and second that the percentage of discount that the seller can offer to customers while selling the product. So, Ginesys has come up with a new feature where we can mention the percentage buffer for discount while creating the item. With this update, the system now automatically calculates RSP or WSP of the product and guides the seller. 

For Example:

Before (markup concept)

Product base price     -  100
Margin %                    -    50
Final Value                 -  150

Now (markdown concept)

For distributer end:    
Product base price          -   100
Markdown%                    -    33.33
Final value                      -   150

Here, if we are calculating the markdown from final value of the product, we can get the base figures. So, this percentage is very helpful for salespeople while negotiating with the customers.

Instead of calculating from final figures, we get the final figures on WSP or RSP directly on basis of Standard price Or Base price of the product just by entering the markdown percentage the company wants to earn, which makes the sales process very easy.

Raman sharma | December 27th, 2018
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