New Ginesys Reports for better and more informed decisions for Ginesys HO Report users


Ginesys always has its finger on the pulse of the users' need. We understand that you need - meaningful data to draw pertinent inferences, making informed decisions. Ginesys has thus released a large number of useful reports related to its various modules. In Ginesys HO version 11.151.29, we have provided 26 new reports covering Finance, Retail and Inventory.

Let's see what a few of these reports do - 

Site - Ledger Assignment Report (Finance) - This report will show Site Wise Ledger Assignment Detail.

Site - MOP Assignment Report (Retail) - This report will show Site Wise MOP Assignment Detail.

VMI Stock Status Register Report (Inventory) - This report will display item wise stock details (as of now) for each vendor selected by user. If an Item is Purchased from Multiple Vendor then this report will consider last purchased Vendor Only for entire report. If Single Item Purchased from Multiple Vendor then this report is not recommended.

To know more about these reports - Release Note 11.151.29

Aparajita basu roy | May 6th, 2020
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