Information flow in Supply chain

Real Time Information flow in Supply Chain: A Retail ERP must have


For accuracy in decision making, it is critical for all businesses to have information at the right time. For Retail, the importance of ‘Right Time’ is even more, owing to ever-changing, dynamic and competitive market it is in. Information flow should be real time across the retail value chain.

Recently, a white paper published by Accenture in association with Oracle emphasises on this very fact. It has highlighted 4 major facts, stressing the importance of real-time information in a retail environment:

Consistently aligning supply and demand by sensing the demand, then shaping it into a reality and measuring the outcome of the actions.

Minimize risk and maximize resilience by continuously analyzing the supply chain and removing the bottlenecks, especially when you are operating in diverse environment. Whether to procure it centrally or locally and whether to manufacture or procure are perfect examples. Lean Global Operations by having the flexibility to work in centrally or locally controlled environment but in an integrated manner.

Leveraging the state of the art technology not only to engage and give customers a great buying experience but to analyze your business using specialized tools.

All the above mentioned points can only be possible if one has an end-toend integrated Retail ERP. Ginesys Retail ERP is a complete suite that provides real time information flow generated from POS to Back Office and provides valuable insights of the retail business.

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Raman sharma | June 10th, 2014
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