void delivery slip

Void and Recreate Delivery Slips quick and easy


A high value customer has a delivery slip with fifty (50) items. But at the Collection Centre, he decides to not purchase two (2) of those items and include another separate item. Earlier the delivery person attending to the customer had to void the previous delivery slip and had to create a new one. He would need to scan all of the previous items plus the new items for the new delivery slip. This resulted in irritation for the customer and wasted time and effort for delivery people.

Ginesys now allows the counter person to void the previous delivery bill and re-populate the items in a new delivery slip in a single click. Then he only needs to remove the unnecessary items and scan the newly selected item into the new Delivery Slip; saving the time and effort for individually scanning all 50 items again.

You wish to know more? Please watch: Void and Recreate Delivery Slip

Aparajita basu roy | December 4th, 2019
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