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Why should you invest in ePOS software?


Why should you invest in ePOS software?
Why should you invest in ePOS software?
June 14, 2021


What is ePOS software?

The final destination of shopping is the checkout - people want to get through it extremely fast. This is where ePOS software plays a very crucial role. ePOS system is a digitally enabled, efficient and modernised software, and of course hardware to streamline the checkout process. 

But the secret sauce is really the software, not just the software you see finally at the counter, but also the backend systems, like the retail ERP and communications software that makes the data available in real time for the sale to happen!

Checkout experience is one of the contributing factors in customer retention, here is how ePOS software for retail is the flag bearer for good billing experience:

Fast checkout with ePOS software

ePOS software for retail can easily integrate the latest scanning equipment, touch screen monitors or any other state of the art tech that can help with improved CX for your store. 

Ginesys has also innovated with a cloud based mobile POS (link to mPOS) which can scan products using the mobile camera and connects via Wifi / GPRS. This is really great as you can bill from anywhere in the store.

KPIs delivered by ePOS software

A complete ePOS software can generate all the relevant data about your business. Sales, balance or stock on hand, salesman performance, store profitability, store expenses, footfalls , customer information, customer purchase history and product performance all can be tracked. 

This data can be in the form of reports, graphs and charts pulled out for the time range you require. You can use this sales data to persuade your stakeholders, like investors and to take crucial business decisions.

Needless to say, this is by itself enough to go with one of the leading ePOS systems - Ginesys (link) if you are looking for one.

Keep your inventory in check with ePOS

With every purchase or transaction, you can view the updated available inventory on your ePOS system. As soon as the sale is recorded, the system’s database updates stockholding records instantly. An accurate picture of your stock is what you should expect from a good and scalable ePOS software. 

In Ginesys this is available not only in the store but also in the Head Office retail ERP (link of Retail ERP page) in a few minutes, this is useful for updating your ecommerce webstore.

ePOS helps with Accounting

EPOS systems can manage invoices, store expenses and record payments for each sale. This is the most important piece of information to do accounts receivables reconciliation in the connected retail ERP.  You can get a detailed breakdown of the sources of the amount received. 

Additionally, handling too much cash can be unsafe, so you can make an entry of cash drop to the bank on the ePOS system.

Go Green with Digital Receipts

Cut your business’s sundry costs and send digital receipts directly to the mobile via a PDF without printing it locally. Get the reports and analysis sent your way digitally. 

So which ePOS is good for your business?

An ePOS system can uplift the retail operations in so many ways. Lesser the manual entries, lesser the chances of human errors. For both stand-alone shops, or a huge retail chain, an ePOS system is undeniably the way forward and Ginesys has been the “best by test”.

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