Bin Capacity

WMS: Capacity and Assortment tagging has been introduced for Bins


Once an inventory management system is up and running, the bins need to be handled wisely. The inventory managers should load them as per capacity and follow a certain logic for putting in or taking away items from it. 

But the reality is that, often bins are either overloaded or their capacity is underutilized due to incorrect management of warehouse systems. This in its turn, affects the productivity of the packing and delivery cycles as picking of deliverables takes a lot of time. Ginesys now allows to define capacity of bins and tag assortments to them.

Two new user profiles have been added to allow overriding the incorrect item and quantity assignment to the bins -

  • Allow to put items in bins other than tagged assortment
  • Allow to put items in bins more than the defined capacity

Now users can, easily identify products in each bin by placing correct products in each bin and bin space is also used optimally. This also helps in understanding the free capacity of the warehouse.

For more details, please refer to the feature video - Introduction of Capacity and Assortment in Bin Master

Aparajita basu roy | November 20th, 2019
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