Omnichannel POS Software Enables Faster Fulfilment of Marketplace Sales and Reconciliation


With omnichannel retail software solutions comes the responsibility to manage multiple accounts and marketplaces. The Ginesys omnichannel management software enables retailers to sync orders to the warehouse, assisting in managing inventory and remaining updated with the stock count at all times. Omnichannel retail management software ensures that all accounts and orders are updated in real-time across all marketplaces.

Publish live available to sell inventory to the PMS
Sync orders to warehouse with 3PL informations
The omnichannel retail software updates fulfilled orders on marketplaces
Reconcile Accounts Receivables with the payments from Marketplaces
The omnichannel retail software also ensures that you are able to set off returns sent by Marketplaces against correct orders
Omni Channel Retailing
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