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Comparison of Commercial vs. Open-Source Web POS Software


Comparison of Commercial vs. Open-Source Web POS Software
December 4, 2023


Web POS software is a vital tool for modern retailers who want to streamline their operations, enhance customer experience, and increase sales. However, choosing the right Web-based POS software can be a daunting task in a market where there are several options available. One of the major dilemmas that retailers face is whether to opt for a commercial or an open-source solution. 

In this blog, we will compare the pros and cons of both types of Web POS software and help you identify an efficient POS software for your business. 

Understanding Web POS Software

Web POS software, also known as online POS software or web-based point of sale software, is a cloud-based solution that allows retailers to manage their sales transactions, inventory, customer data, and other aspects of their business from any device and location.  

Unlike traditional POS systems that require hardware installation and maintenance, web POS software runs on a web browser and stores data on a secure server. This means that retailers can access their data and reports in real-time, without worrying about data loss, security breaches, or system downtime. 

Web POS software offers many advantages for retailers, such as: 

  • Lower upfront and operational costs, as there is no need to purchase or maintain expensive hardware or software licenses.
  • Greater flexibility and scalability, as retailers can add or remove features, users, or locations as per their business needs.
  • Enhanced customer service, as retailers can offer faster checkout, loyalty programs, personalized offers, and omnichannel integration.
  • Improved efficiency and productivity, as retailers can automate tasks, reduce errors, and optimize workflows. 

However, not all web-based POS software is created equal. There are significant differences between commercial and open-source solutions, which can affect the performance and profitability of your business. 

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Open-Source Web POS Software

Open-source software is software that is developed and distributed by a community of developers who make the source code available for anyone to use, modify, or improve. The main advantage of open-source software is that it is free or low-cost, and it offers a high degree of customization and innovation. Some of the common open-source web-based POS software are Odoo, UniCenta, and Floreant.

However, open-source software also comes with several limitations. Open-source software's risks include inadequate support, updates, and uncertain bug fixes, compromising reliability. It may not cater to industry-specific retail needs and might have compatibility issues with essential business platforms like accounting, e-commerce, or CRM. 

One of the biggest challenges that retailers face when choosing open-source web POS software solution is the support and implementation process. 

Other common issues that retailers encounter when implementing open-source web POS software are: 

  • Difficulty in finding a suitable and trustworthy partner who can understand their business requirements and goals.
  • Delay in project delivery, as the implementation process may take longer than expected due to technical glitches, customization requests, or communication gaps.
  • Inferior quality of service, as the partner may not provide adequate training, documentation, or after-sales support.
  • Low customer satisfaction, as the web POS system may not meet the expectations or needs of the customers, resulting in lower sales, loyalty, or retention.
  • Incorrect tax calculations or manual tax submissions. Both these are formidable issues for small businesses to deal with as it would require a team of accountants to verify taxes and upload all information correctly to the GST or other tax portal. 

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Commercial Web POS Software: Ginesys


If you are looking for reliable, efficient, and scalable web POS software for your retail business, then you should consider Ginesys.

It has been in the retail industry for over 15 years and has served more than 500 clients across 20 retail segments. We have a team of experts who have in-depth knowledge and experience in the retail domain and can provide you with the best web POS solution for your business.

Some of the advantages of choosing a commercial web POS system like Ginesys are: 

  • Dedicated support and updates, as Ginesys provides 24/7 customer service, regular software upgrades, and proactive maintenance.
  • Industry-specific expertise, as Ginesys understands the unique needs, challenges of different retail segments, and offers tailor-made solutions that suit your business model and strategy.
  • Seamless integration and compatibility, as Ginesys works well with other systems and platforms that are essential for your business, such as accounting, eCommerce, or CRM. 

Ready to elevate your retail game? Explore the ideal POS solution for your business needs. Discover efficiency, reliability, and tailored support with Ginesys or find your perfect fit now!