Integrated Retail ERP

Customer Loyalty and CRM with Capillary is a breeze with Ginesys


Customer loyalty or CRM is perhaps the most important aspect of business environment for any retailer. It’s the repeat customers who either make or break any business. Ginesys retail is one of the leading organizations in India providing software for retail, production and accounting for retail businesses. Providing this ERP as a platform for 3rd party solutions is a challenge we had taken up and Capillary technologies is one of the first partners on board.

Capillary offers world class CRM and customer analytics for retail and has succeeded in multiple countries with inTouch and other products. With both inbound and outbound integration with Capillary CRM, retailers would be assured no extra points are redeemed in the POS system and the redeemed points are showing as discounts or mode of payment in Ginesys retail analytics.

Raman sharma | November 30th, 2015
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