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Effective Retail starts with Efficient Production – an Insight


The retail industry is literally fast evolving and one needs to stay prepared for unforeseen contingencies. From the manufacturer’s perspective in the retail value chain, one has options to strategize for contingencies. A custom fit production module helps automation, eases bottlenecks and streamlines production. GINESYS offers a comprehensive production module which effectively helps in streamlining the whole production cycle. The module from GINESYS is well equipped to handle the entire manufacturing chain, being in sync with industry parameters and specifications.

An ERP to keep the entire value chain in the loop

Any ERP needs a proper production plan which is called production order. Breakdown of specific deliverable is planned henceforth and processes streamlined. GINESYS is custom fit for retail production cycle where one can customize their specifics to the very basics. This is created based on sales or stock plan.

One point of visibility ensures responsive decisions

Imagine a single point of reference for all your daily chores. One point of management for all the tedious decisions of daily mundane. Makes life a tad easier ain’t it? It is imperative to say that fast paced retail provides little margin of error in production. Micromanaging the various aspects of production needs investment of time and personnel. GINESYS retail production module provides one point visibility to the whole value chain.

Is your ERP streamlining your production cycle effectively?

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Raman sharma | January 1st, 2015
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