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Ginesys showcases Zwing M-POS and Omnichannel Integration Platform at the Retail India Summit & Expo (RISE) 2018!


The Retail India Summit & Expo (RISE) 2018that took place in Delhi on the 18thand 19thof September was a very significant event for Ginesys as we were able to showcase our next-generation retail solutions that will most certainly have a huge impact on the way business is done in India. The Retail India Summit & Expo (RISE) is a platform that connects retailers with the right business partners and solutions which in turn helps their businesses reach the next level. The RISE event is designed to help retailers stay ahead of the various trends in the retail industry and hence this was the ideal platform to showcase our latest products. Retailers from all across India attend the RISE event in order to find new ideas, innovations etc that can help them increase their sales.  

The first product that we showcased was our state-of-the-art Mobile POS, Zwing which is a multi-platform retail solution ecosystem bringing the best of technology to offline retailers to ease and enhance their in-store operations to boost sales, while also enabling the shoppers to shop independently without queues. Retailers from all across of India had the opportunity to see Zwing up-close and in person in order to understand what it can truly offer in terms of value to their respective businesses. 

The second product that we also showcased was our state of the art Omnichannel Platform. The new Ginesys Omnichannel platform has a lot to offer to retailers, such as managing multiple marketplaces with an order aggregator or order management system. Ginesys also ensures that the data to and from OMS is live and up to date. Much of the heavy lifting in the back end will be undertaken by Ginesys. 

Our team of experts was led by Mr. Prashant Lohia CEO and Mr. Rohit Khetan Head of Marketing & Strategy both of whom were more than happy to answer any queries regarding the new solutions that were launched. 

Sidharth | September 20th, 2018
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