Retail store management

Global Item Search- Get item details at Stores Anytime


In Ginesys Store Management System Software it is required to allocate item master (the item details) to a store before any transactions can be done in the store. Item master means important information like name, product type, price, brand, color, category, size, material, SKU etc. Ginesys retail store POS software now makes it possible for stores to search item details even when it’s not available in the POS system through allocation or goods receipt.

The mechanism allows searching the item detail entered in the head office inventory management software. If item is found in HO, the item details can be downloaded. If allowed sales could also be made with zero inventory at store since item data is already available. After making the sale at the store POS, physical stock could be procured from the warehouse to complete the transaction.

Raman sharma | January 12th, 2016
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