Goods Received Note Adhoc in web

GRN adhoc in web


Ginesys Retail ERP has introduced the option of receiving goods by using web forms i.e. GRN Adhoc on the web. GRN stands for the goods received note and up until now users had to use the Ginesys desktop in order to access their data and this required them to have Windows CAL licenses if they were trying to access it from multiple locations. But with this feature, we have managed to eliminate this hurdle by allowing users to connect to the web and make the transaction from any location. This is a particular requirement of stores where many of the purchases are received without Purchase Order directly from the vendor. The restriction is that it is feasible for receipt of goods without Purchase Order like the purchase of fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, local vendor purchases and distributor purchases.

Sidharth | March 6th, 2018
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