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GST software that works with Tally for GST returns filing and E-invoicing


GST software that works with Tally for GST returns filing and E-invoicing
Tally for GST returns filing and E-invoicing
September 7, 2023


Tally is a popular accounting software used by businesses for various financial and accounting tasks. Its latest version, TallyPrime is GST compliant and has GST returns and GST E-invoicing inbuilt into the software. Yet, there are challenges with the GST filing and e-invoicing. If you are one of those struggling with Tally’s GST solution - TallyPrime or looking for an alternative to TallyPrime, you should read further to understand what the challenges are and how EaseMyGST could help you with the GST filing and E-document generation.

Limitations of TallyPrime for GST Filing
TallyPrime is a great accounting package, used by many micro and small businesses in India. Yes, it can generate a GST bill quite easily and can generate an E-invoice and also file accurate GST returns but challenges arise when the data volume or transaction volume is high for a merchant or business. Then every feature that can save time and money is important and you would surely miss the following features in TallyPrime:

Multi User Role Based System: TallyPrime does not have a role based user policy. Despite its popularity as an accounting software, in reality, it is most useful only for businesses where a single person needs to operate the software end to end. If you wish to have roles like GST officer, Taxation manager, accountant, CFO, others and want detailed granular control over security, it is not possible in TallyPrime. TallyPrime will give only 2 levels of users, admin and data entry operator.
In comparison, EaseMyGST has a powerful user access management system with roles and privileges tagged to roles. Hence, it is suitable for accounting and finance teams to work together on the software.

Save Status of Invoices: TallyPrime does not have any option for a user to save the status of the invoices in the government portal. Users need to manually upload data of invoice status either in excel or JSON format. On the other hand, EaseMyGST will give OTP based connection with the government portal to save invoices from EMG to the government portal. 

E-Invoice & E-Way Bill Reconciliation: If you wish to reconcile which e-invoices have had e-way bills generated then it is not possible to check it directly in the software. You need to download the data of E-invoices and E-way bills in Excel and reconcile the two data sets in Excel. 
In comparison, EaseMyGST has a simple dashboard to check if all E-ways bills have been generated and are correct in terms of value and other details as compared to the E-invoice.

Reports for senior management: TallyPrime offers GST reports but these are all basic registers to check data submitted for GST like GSTR1 report, GSTR2 report etc. You do not get any management reports like the ones available in EaseMyGST. For example reports with charts and graphs, comparison reports of last year vs current year and so on. See below for some of the management reports below:

  • Reconciliation Summary Report
  • GSTR 1F - 3B Comparative Report
  • GSTR 2B - GSTR 3B - Comparative Report
  • GSTR 3B - ITC - Cross Utilisation
  • GSTR 3B - Summary Report
  • GSTR 1 Summary Report: Section-wise
  • GSTR 1U – Tax Rate wise Classification of Outward Supplies 
  • GSTR 1F – Tax Rate wise Classification of Outward Supplies
  • GSTR 3B - ITC-Classification
  • GSTR 2A – 3B Comparative Report
  • GSTR 1U - GSTR 3B Comparative Report
  • GSTR 1F Invoice Level Report
  • GSTR 2B Counterparty Wise Report
  • GSTR 2B Reconciliation Report
  • GSTR 2A ITC Analysis Report
  • GSTR 2P Base Reconciliation Report
  • GSTR 1U - Division wise Sales Report
  • GSTR 1U - Plant wise Sales Report
  • 26 AS Report Based on GSTR 3B 

Advanced Reconciliation: It is fairly straightforward to file GST returns with TallyPrime but a headache to find mismatches with the data uploaded by your suppliers and customers. This is where a GST software like EaseMyGST comes in handy. EaseMyGST has an Advanced Reconciliation tool that imports the data automatically from the GSTIN portal and compares it with your data using various filters like....

Auto Mail: When you find a mismatch with vendor data in Tally, you are working in Excel and then this Excel needs to be mailed to a vendor manually mentioning the details of the mismatch. Other irrelevant data might need to be deleted from the file before sending the mail. As you can imagine, it is a time taking process as there might be hundreds of vendors with thousands of invoices to be checked. 
Compare this to EaseMyGST where a nifty feature like Automail saves you hours of time, as right where the mismatch is found on the reconciliation screen, you could check the mismatches and send a mail to the vendor with the information already prefilled in the mail.

3B Marking: From January 2022 onwards, ITC needs to be claimed on the Basis of GSTR 2B.ITC on the Provisional basis is not allowed from 1st Jan 2022 as per Notification 39/2021 of CGST. Hence the Provisional ITC option is disabled. EaseMyGST provide option to Mart 3B based on various ITC Type such as Actual, Partial claimed as per rule 38,42,,43, Ineligible 17(5), Ineligible - Cut off date 16(4), Ineligible - POS restriction
Reversal (Goods Not Received), Reversal as per section 16(2), Reversal other & Self claimed.

Vendor KYC check during Reconciliation: EaseMyGST is directly connected to GSTN where user can see the status of any GSTIN (whether it is active or inactive), generating e-invoices and the GST filing status of the GSTIN.

Vendor payment blocking for non-filing vendors


Data Management:- In modern business environments, software integration is crucial for efficiency. Tally struggles with seamless integration capabilities with other specialized tools or systems that businesses use for inventory management, point of sale, e-commerce, and more.
Integration with ERPs and other accounting systems is super fast with EaseMyGST. It has inhouse developed connectors for API or Excel-based integration. Within a few days your existing accounting software  (maybe Tally) or your ERP could be linked up with EaseMyGST for GST needs. 
TallyPrime is not flexible enough to consume APIs to integrate other business & operational needs. Excel based integration via Tally development language (TDL) is the only option available in TallyPrime.

Vendor payment blocking for non-filing vendors:  In cases where you are looking for a 2-way integration with your ERP, EaseMyGST provides an API which can be used to block vendors for payments in case they have not filed their GST returns. Such an API is not available with TallyPrime.

GST specialized Customer Support: Adequate customer support is essential for any software, especially when it comes to something as critical as tax compliance. Tally's support does not specifically address GST-related queries and issues, it can lead to frustration and errors.
EaseMyGST has a team of dedicated GST experts who are knowledgeable and understand GST thoroughly to understand queries or issues which need in-depth knowledge of GST. Our leadership is based on the fact that we know GST thoroughly and can ensure you file your returns timely and accurately.

Updates Related to GST Law changes:  GST regulations and rules often change, and software solutions need to be updated promptly to reflect these changes accurately. Tally does not provide regular updates to incorporate the latest GST changes and this frequently leads to non-compliance and inaccuracies in tax calculations. 
EaseMyGST is always up-to-date with the latest GST changes, well before they come into effect.

In summary, Tally’s forte is accounting and it is not heavily focused on GST. EaseMyGST from Ginesys One is extremely focused on GST software and is always up-to-date, has a dedicated support team, and is feature-rich. It also has a Tally connector that can help integrate with Tally and give you a better experience when filing GST returns. Hence if you are looking for an alternative to Tally/ TallyPrime for GST that works with Tally and other ERPs, look no further than EaseMyGST.