Delivery Slip

No more mismatched deliveries at POS with Ginesys


The festive rush is on. Business is booming. Your sales and delivery people can barely keep up. Handling customer rush at the delivery point is often a pain, due to mixed up or lost deliveries. Tagging customers will ensure correct billing and timely and accurate deliveries. 

  1. Customer can now be created as well as searched while creating a Delivery Slip. 
  2. Customer tagged bills can now be tracked in the Collection Centre. This is enabled through a policy added in Retail Management - Customer selection is mandatory at Delivery Slip. If enabled, customers must be tagged in each delivery slip. If disabled, customer may or may not be tagged to the delivery slip.

Now the cashier would know exactly how many delivery slips to bill and there will not be any mismatch at the delivery end.

If you are excited about this feature - watch Tag customer in delivery slip in POS

Aparajita basu roy | November 28th, 2019
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