OTP security to Customer Loyalty

OTP Feature- Shield Against Fraud Loyalty Card Redemption


One of the best ways to retain customers is by giving them points on each purchase which could be redeemed later on. It keeps the customers coming back to the same retailer in lieu of attractive free points on every purchase. While it’s a program every organized retailer deploys, sometimes retailers are duped with unwarranted and fraud redemption of points. It can ideally happen at the Point of Sales where the cashier could manipulate the points of a customer. A customer may not be able to detect this because they many not be keeping a track of points accumulated in the loyalty card.

Ginesys Retail software now solves this problem by giving extra layer of security in the form of OTP. To redeem any point, the retail software sends an OTP on the registered mobile number of the customer who is swiping the card. Only after entering the OTP code in the POS can the points be redeemed, thus eliminating any chances of fraud and making the transaction safe.

Customer loyalty point needs to be kept secure and the retail ERP does that with utmost care. It’s a very important tool as it builds customer’s trust on the retailer.

Raman sharma | February 19th, 2016
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