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Seamless and Integrated E-way Bill Solution has been enabled for Ginesys


Seamless and Integrated E-way Bill Solution has been enabled for Ginesys
Aparajita Basu Roy
June 19, 2020


Every retail business has some goods transportation requirements. During such movements, an e-way bill is required.

Ginesys has made necessary next level development w.r.t. integration of our Software with EaseMyGST, for seamless and hassle-free generation of E-way Bill. Some of the Key features includes:

  1. Integration - Seamless Integration i.e., generation of e-way bill with one or two clicks.
  2. Time Saving - Generate your e-way bill in couple of minutes i.e., no longer looking for 20-30 mins in e-way bill generation.
  3. Error free E-way Bill generation - under manual operation, we cannot avoid errors which might be on account of duplicate entries at NIC Portal. Now avoid duplicate working.
  4. Multiple Reports - Multiple reports to help you with data review and decision making.
  5. Support Services - Support services to guide and help you w.r.t. issues &/or any technical challenges faced for e-way bill generation or management.
  6. Centralized Log-in - Make sure that all your GSTIN have a centralized operation via single log-in.
  7. GST Rule Engine - In-built GST Rule engine or validation would make sure that your e-way bill is generated error free.

Once updated, you should follow the steps given in the following article to enable EWB generation from Ginesys: How To: Enable integration of E-Way Bill Plugin (EaseMyGST) in Ginesys H