Production tracking ERP Software

Tracking the stages in your Production is now at your fingertips


To keep with the pace of today’s dynamic marketplace, it is imperative to know the health of your production process in real-time. Tracking, stages in a production process, can be compared to BP Machine for a patient with Blood pressure problem.

Accurate data at the right time is mandatory to make important decisions about your business. More often than not, manufacturers have little or no visibility into production operations. Possibly the best visibility they do have is based on old or manually collected data. Real-time access to production data can create a major impact on increasing the effectiveness and efficiency — and ultimately the cost — of your business operations.

Ginesys ERP is now equipped with this tracking system where you can track each and every step of your production process. Multiple simultaneous processes are common these days. For e.g. to make a designer shirt, front and back portions are being processed simultaneously but separately, with the idea that it will be merged into single process of manufacturing the shirt, later. These processes may have some sub-assembly processes as well. Now, in Ginesys after making a job order, one can easily track the status at each and every step of the production process. This applies not only to the WIP but also to the inventory status at each and every step of the process.

This tracking will help the management with informed decision making. It will make them aware not only about the bottlenecks in the processes, but it will help them to plan for the future as well.

Jayavi bhandari | February 24th, 2014
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