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Changing consumer habits and how to handle it


Changing consumer habits and how to handle it
Aparajita Basu Roy
September 18, 2020


Consumer habits are undergoing a rapid yet enduring change; people are adapting to new stay-at-home way-of-life and retail is adopting new ways and measures to keep pace with the new normal. People are turning online to learn about and plan their buying—both in the real world and virtually. They are spending more time and money on the web than ever before.

As an effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re observing distinct and far-reaching alterations in shopping habits of customers that will probably continue through the festive seasons. In the first place, e-commerce is now the store-front as more and more customers are consumers are more warily planning their calls-on to physical stores. More importantly, consumers will shop what is important to them—bargains and offs—as well as value-added and mission-driven labels. Retailers can gain mileage by providing consumers with the feeling of greatest safety while shopping.

Electronic tools can help create this connection between buyers planning their next purchase and retailers. Here’s how retailers can help shoppers plan online for their visits to the physical stores -

To ensure that they can shop safely and comfortably, customers want to confirm hours, make sure of the inventory, and verify alternatives such as curbside pickup prior to the visit. Overwhelmingly, festive shoppers are saying that they make certain online that the stock of an item is available before reaching the store to purchase it.

So, it becomes imperative for the astute retailer to use the technology available at his disposal to keep his stock and other details updated online. Then he’s ready for the upcoming festive season shoppers whether they decide to visit his brick and mortar establishments or his virtual shop fronts!