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The Ultimate Game-Changer: Ginesys Integrated Suite for D2C Brands


The Ultimate Game-Changer: Ginesys Integrated Suite for D2C Brands
Ginesys Integrated Suite for D2C Brands
August 22, 2023


The pandemic forced businesses to rethink their business models as shutters were dropped on retail stores. The supply chain, too, was disrupted with an idling inventory waiting to be picked up. As companies embraced digitization, customer buying patterns changed.

Manufacturers have since understood the massive benefits of D2C brands or direct-to-consumer business models, with many adding it to their long-term strategy. A D2C model allows them to have direct, immediate contact with buyers. This model offers better access to customer data, which helps the manufacturers understand the purchase behavior, improve their products, and enhance their marketing strategy.

As businesses shift to D2C, they have moved to incorporate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Point of Sale System (POS), and Order Management System (OMS) systems into managing their D2C operations. 


Scale your D2C operations with Ginesys One - India's only retail tech suite to blend online and offline retail operation


Why incorporate ERP, POS, and OMS?

ERP software manages business operations such as inventory, resources, finance, marketing, and procurement. An OMS or a multichannel OMS software handles inventory management, order processing, and fulfillment. POS software speeds up checkout in stores / shops, through a centralized database of customers, products, and pricing.

Businesses can streamline all major operations to obtain seamless data flow when integrating these three systems. With real-time visibility and complete automation of processes, businesses can significantly enhance their customer experiences, improve inventory accuracy, and even optimize supply chain processes.

I. Understanding the D2C landscape

The direct-to-consumer model enables brands to engage with customers directly without any intermediaries. Businesses can directly sell on their own websites without the involvement of retailers. When brands shift to D2C, they gain greater control over their brand image, establish genuine relations with their customers and directly gather customer data.

D2C: Challenges and opportunities

Although there are advantages to D2C, it can also present challenges and opportunities for brand and business growth. Major challenges include:

  • Customer acquisition and retention: It is tough to acquire new customers because the costs are high, and acquisition strategies are not foolproof. Even if a brand gains new customers, they need to retain them to reduce future customer acquisition costs.
  • Scaling operations: Scaling operations while maintaining quality is a challenge. As orders increase day by day, logistics, inventory, quality, and multiple sales channel management become challenging.
  • High competition: Most businesses have transitioned to the D2C model, which has made the D2C space crowded. It is becoming harder to stand out for new brands. Moreover, customer interaction has also become complex.

If a business can face these challenges head-on, optimizing their business accordingly, they will also receive a plethora of opportunities for business growth, which include:

  • Higher gross margin: Since no intermediary exists, businesses earn 100% of the profits from the sales made on their websites. Additionally, businesses have more control over their prices since they can offer last-minute sales, discounts, adjusted prices, etc.
  • Enhanced customer experience: Brands can craft personalized customer experiences in their D2C space. Since customers like consistency across all touchpoints, businesses can create their own message, image, and story, ensuring higher engagement, and turnover.
  • Access to customer data: Since customers buy from your own website, you get detailed insight into customer behavior, purchase pattern, etc., which can help you improve your website, products, marketing and more.

Centralize and enhance your D2C operational efficiency by intergating with POS, OMS and ERP systems in a single retail management system 



II. The power of Ginesys One Integrated Suite

Ginesys One is a cloud-based platform that offers an all-inclusive suite of tools to enhance the operations of your D2C brand. Ginesys One combines online and offline retail systems to provide seamless inventory management, accurate product control, real-time finance updates, efficient warehouse management and marketing insights to grow your business to new heights.

ERP software for D2C is a must for any brand venturing into the D2C space. Multichannel OMS software is required to track, manage, and fulfill orders. At the same time, POS software for D2C is crucial for offline sales. Ginesys One incorporates ERP, POS, OMS and WMS software in one platform to ensure your business becomes much more efficient, flexible, and scalable, ready to tackle market demands and shifting dynamics.

How does an all-in-one ERP, POS, and OMS System help?

Ginesys ERP for D2C brands has been specifically designed for the retail value chain. It supports business growth through inventory and warehouse management, procurement and wholesale of products, accounting, and production tracking.

Ginesys One incorporates a robust POS for offline retail and is highly scalable. An offline feature-rich Ginesys One comes with two options for POS: a desktop based POS for larger stores where Internet is not very reliable. and a cloud-based Zwing POS, with options to use on web browsers and on Android mobiles too!

Ginesys’ multichannel order management system for D2C - Browntape syncs with ERP and POS to integrate ecommerce operations with the rest of your business, such as ecommerce selling, accounting, inventory, shipping and more.

Ginesys One also syncs ERP and OMS to streamline their operations and achieve greater efficiency.

Benefits of using an integrated suite for D2C brands

Using an integrated suite like Ginesys One proves to be highly beneficial for D2C brands in the following ways:

  • Manage a single inventory for both online and offline sales.
  • Increase store operational efficiency with integrated POS.
  • Cloud apps help reduce IT management costs.
  • An integrated ERP helps manage the accounting for transactions occurring on multiple channels.
  • Integration with advanced customer relationship management systems helps retain customers and drive sales with better offers.
  • Accounting, GST, tax filing, and more become automated and accurate.
  • Generate detailed reports for deciding which products to make and stock at which points of sale or warehouse.

Ginesys One helps you run your entire business through one platform, be it ecommerce, retail store or multiple D2C channels. By coordinating all aspects of business operations, Ginesys One ensures higher efficiency, accuracy, and timely precision.


Unlock full potential of omnichannel retail with Ginesys One.  


III. Multichannel Management for D2C Brands

Even D2C businesses often have multiple online sales channels, including Amazon, Myntra, Meesho, Jiomart and more apart from the brand webstore. Ginesys One is a multichannel order management system for D2C brands. It is pre-integrated with marketplaces, webstores and logistics providers and helps you organize your inventory and manage your orders in a single place.

Marketplace integrations

Ecommerce has grown exponentially in the last few years due to the pandemic. As businesses realize the importance of online sales, D2C has also expanded to include ecommerce platforms. So, Ginesys One OMS (Browntape) also provides integrations with various marketplaces like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, Ajio and more. You can grow your digital presence by opening your brand shopping website and utilizing services like marketplace account management, inventory planning, marketing, daily order processing, catalog listing, digital strategy and more.

IV. D2C Ecommerce Site Development and Brand Performance Marketing

As a D2C business, the ecommerce site is critical to attract new customers and convert them to sales. Ginesys One ecommerce team is here to help you with the best ecommerce development services for Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento and others.

After the branding and positioning is done, you need to find the right agency to create a website that can run ecommerce transactions smoothly and has a high conversion rate. The Ginesys One ecommerce team through its partners can manage this task for you.

Performance Marketing and SEO

D2C brands need a very strong play online to stand out and appeal to consumers. Remember, there is no high street where someone will just pop into your store. After your store is launched it requires constant SEO to stay above the competion in search results. If you are selling on marketplaces as well that too requires both search marketing, to ensure you start ranking for search keywords and paid marketing to ensure top ranking for high volume keywords. The Ginesys ecommerce team is fully equipped to run your performance campaigns on ecommerce marketplaces, Google Ads, Bing Ads and other place. It can also help manage and maintain the search ranking of the website.

V. Streamlining Inventory Management

Inventory ManagementPoor inventory management can lead to several problems that could be detrimental to your business, like overstocking, product shortages, cash flow issues, and more. A well-integrated, synchronized inventory management system should track, record and manage incoming and outgoing stocks across all sales channels to ensure the numbers are updated in real-time.

Ginesys One - Supports Real-Time Inventory Visibility 

With Ginesys One POS and ERP, the inventory data automatically flows into the OMS and from there to the webstore and marketplaces in near real-time ensuring complete automation of inventory sync. Ginesys One allowing you to manage inventory across multiple locations and warehouses but any single piece sold anywhere will be reflected in the ERP in real-time and from there to the OMS (Browntape) and from there to the webstores. With real-time visibility into stocks, Ginesys automates order fulfillment while also facilitating timely picking, packing, and shipping. It also reserves items for orders and offers real-time order tracking and status updates.

Ginesys One - Prevents Overstocking and Stockouts 

The ERP for D2C brands and the Warehouse Management System (WMS) allows businesses to prevent stockouts by giving accurate inventory information and automatic reservation of inventory for online orders. This ensures minimum order cancellations due to non-availability of the physical inventory. Finally for omnichannel and multi-warehouse D2C brands, Ginesys One offers smart order allocation rules which allow for order splitting based on inventory availaibilty in multiple locations. In case orders are not fulfillable from one store, the order will automatically hop to the next possible store. These advanced features ensure minimal sales loss due to lack of inventory. You can also get real-time visibility into stocks, purchase items, place wholesale orders, enable store transfers, and much more through the integrated ERP and WMS systems. Ginesys One also has integrations with leading inventory replenishment systems to ensure the inventory refill happens very fast for fast selling items.

VI. Empowering Point-of-Sale (POS) Operations

An efficient POS for D2C brands is essential since it allows them to offer a smooth, quick and quality customer service experience. Whether used for offline or online retail, a POS system for D2C streamlines sales operations and offers detailed customer information such as purchase history, contact details, loyalty program and other data. It also generates transaction and sales reports to provide valuable insights into sales trends which can drive business decisions and pricing strategies.

Ginesys One POSGinesys One POS - Enhancing Customer Experience

A multi-functional POS for D2C brands is an important element of Ginesys One. Since the point-of-sale system is a major component of D2C brand interaction, the Ginesys One POS module ensures to deliver a seamless, personalized checkout process. It also manages inventory by syncing transactions across platforms to automate real-time inventory stock updates and cash tracking.

Ginesys One POS - Integrations for Seamless Operations

The POS system integrates with the OMS to receive orders from the webstore for omnichannel orders and if the inventory is physically available, the store person can mark it as confirmed. This ensures correct and fast seamless omnichannel order fulfilment. The POS is also integrated with other modules like customer data and inventory management to offer detailed insight into customer purchase patterns, preferences, behavior and more. These insights help businesses make informed decisions regarding sales and marketing strategies.

VII. Transforming Order Management

Order Management System for D2C BusinessesAn order management system for D2C businesses is essential since it facilitates efficient management of orders, inventory, and information throughout the order lifecycle. A multichannel OMS software for d2c collaborates and syncs data across multiple departments like warehouse, accounting, logistics and so on to ensure the entire process of receiving, processing, and shipping the order is executed seamlessly.

Ginesys One OMS - Optimizes Order Lifecycle

Ginesys One OMS system - Browntape works with the Ginesys POS and the Ginesys ERP to receive and process the orders and update inventory from the POS and ERP to the online channels. Warehouse management integration allows OMS to reserve inventory for online orders on time. Browntape is also integrated with shipping management providers to schedule pickups, track the order and update its status. After fulfilling the order, Browntape provides account reconciliation at the channel level and detailed receivables insights to keep track of cash and accounts.

Ginesys One - Offering a Unified View of All Orders

One of the biggest advantages of integrated multichannel OMS software is that it provides a unified view of all orders received on marketplaces and web stores across various channels. It synchronizes the inventory and warehouse stocks according to the current orders to ensure updated figures.

VIII. Real-time Insights for Informed Decisions

Ginesys Business Intelligence Tool - Real Time Insights Monitoring business performance is a crucial aspect of business for any D2C brand. Ginesys One provides detailed reports on most aspects of business operations to ensure stakeholders can make informed decisions based on real-time sales, inventory, customer and financial data.

Ginesys offers a business intelligence tool that has key performance indicators to gauge business performance. The reports are generated with a click, providing detailed graphs and charts for visual understanding. You can also interact with the reports to gain deeper insights into different aspects of an operation. With easy comparisons, optimized security and critical alerts, Ginesys helps guide the business towards success.

Ginesys One - Facilitating Strategic Decision-Making

With Ginesys One, you can streamline your entire backend operations and make data-driven decisions for business success. With the interactive performance reports at hand, stakeholders can make informed decisions even on small aspects of the business, thereby mitigating risks and accelerating business growth.

IX. Unleashing Growth Potential

Ginesys One offers pre-integrated channels for different web stores and marketplaces, which help D2C brands seamlessly synchronize their work across all platforms. It gives them an edge over the rest with a perfectly in-sync inventory, warehouse, logistics and POS operations. With a wide range of tech integrations, you can offer your customers the latest digital payment options, customer loyalty rewards, e-vouchers, and much more.


Realize the power of real-time analytics to make informed and data-driven decisions.  


Ginesys One - Integration with MarketplacesGinesys One - Integration with Marketplaces

If you want to expand your business over ecommerce, Ginesys One offers pre-integrated ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon, Myntra, Ajio, Flipkart, Meesho, Jiomart and more. Plugins are available for web stores like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and many more. These major market integrations help you unlock higher selling opportunities, helping you expand your business and achieve higher levels of growth.

Ginesys One - Offering a Centralized View of the Sales Ecosystem

To make it easier to keep an eye on the sales operations taking place on all the marketing channels, including online marketplaces and physical stores, Ginesys One offers a centralized view of the entire ecosystem. You can take a look at the bigger picture to understand overall performance and even get a detailed view of individual retail stores.

X. Future-Ready Scalability

Ginesys One - Scalable D2C SuiteAs your business grows, you need to scale your operations to be able to handle the increased influx of customers. Ginesys One is a completely scalable suite that grows with your business. The ERP software is built specifically for D2C, ensuring it is flexible and scalable enough to handle increasing order volumes, sales channels and inventory. The POS software also increases operational efficiency based on increased usage. The multichannel OMS software helps ensure seamless order management to support the ever-increasing sales demands.

Ginesys One is a dynamic cloud platform that swiftly adapts to changing business objectives. It supports business growth by molding itself according to expanding business operations and successfully thrives in a competitive market, helping your business stay on top.


In the ever-evolving world of D2C retail, the Ginesys One Suite emerges as the ultimate game-changer. Ginesys One empowers D2C brands to conquer challenges, optimize operations, and unlock massive growth potential by seamlessly integrating ERP, POS, and OMS functionalities.

Innovation and adaptability are the rules of the ever-changing D2C landscape. If you want to scale operations as a D2C brand, dive into the pool of opportunities offered by Ginesys One's integrated suite for your business. Book a demo and learn how the tri-integrations of ERP, POS and OMS can transform your business operations, efficiently supporting your brand's success today.