Kerala flood cess

    Kerala Flood Cess Introduction

    Jul 31, 2019

    To stay up-to-date with all retail industry trends and government’s rules and regulations, Ginesys keeps introducing new features and make alterations in the existing ones. Kerala government has recently introduced calamity cess… read more

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    procurement management challenges

    Common challenges in retail procurement management

    Jul 29, 2019

    Procurement is one of the most critical functions in a retail business. Retailers need to identify customer needs, analyze market trends, choose relevant vendors, manage the entire procurement cycle, and much more. Processes… read more

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    POS software evaluation

    Evaluating POS solution for your retail business

    Jul 24, 2019

    Starting a new business in the retail industry, which already has immense competition, could be very difficult. Entrepreneurs need to take care of setting up the right business model, creating awareness about the brand, hiring… read more

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    end user report design

    Introduction of end user report designer in Ginesys POS

    Jul 17, 2019

    The key focus of Ginesys as a team is to ensure that customers have a great experience. In the past, the support team has received various requests for customization in Ginesys POS Reports. For that, we have released a new… read more

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    rupee round off

    Service Invoices generated from Service Liability Workbench can now be rounded off to nearest 1 Rupee

    Jul 08, 2019

    To make it easier to raise service invoices from the Service Liability Workbench, Ginesys has introduced a new feature. This new update allows Ginesys users to round off each invoice amount to the nearest one rupee automatically… read more

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    traditional cloud POS

    Traditional vs Cloud-based Point-of-Sale solution

    Jul 08, 2019

    Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds and it has penetrated into all aspects of our lives. The retail industry is no exception - every retail organization requires a technological solution to manage various operations.… read more

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    millennial shopping trends retail

    Millennial Shopping Trends That Would Benefit Retail Businesses

    Jul 05, 2019

    Majority of the consumers in the retail industry today is the millennials. According to various studies, about 54% of them shop online. In addition to that, 40% of the millennials refer to numerous reviews present online before… read more

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    edit sales return quantity

    Quantity editing for Sales Return transactions from Unmanaged Stores made easy

    Jul 05, 2019

    While initiating Sales Returns, Ginesys users had to modify quantity in a separate Add/Remove Items window. This process has been made easier for items that have been already populated. Users can modify quantities in the same… read more

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    retail business performance

    Measuring performance of your retail business

    Jul 04, 2019

    In today’s marketplace, it is necessary that retailers go beyond just selling products or services. Studies show that over 72% of today’s consumers prefer spending on experiences than new products. Thus, it is necessary that… read more

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    multiple invoices

    Goods from multiple invoices are now allowed in a single Purchase Return Debit Note

    Jul 01, 2019

    Earlier, due to GST rules, a single debit/credit note could have only a single invoice number. Because of this, Ginesys users could not initiate a single Purchase Return Debit Note against multiple more

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