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The Role of mPOS in Omnichannel Retail: Bridging the Gap Between Online and Offline Shopping


The Role of mPOS in Omnichannel Retail: Bridging the Gap Between Online and Offline Shopping
November 9, 2023


Welcome to the future of shopping! It is a future where the boundaries between online and in-store experiences blur into a seamless, convenient, and personalized shopping journey. This remarkable transformation is being powered by mPOS or mobile Point of Sale systems

In this journey through modern retail, we will unveil the significance of mPOS in retail today. 

The Seamless Shopping Experience

Let us set the stage with a story. Meet Alex, a shopper on the hunt for a new laptop. Over his morning coffee, he starts researching various models online. He finds the one he likes but decides to check it out in-store. When he enters the shop, the sales associate already knows what he has been browsing and suggests some accessories that perfectly complement his choice.  

After deciding on the purchase, Alex does not have to wait in an extensive line to check out. The sales associate quickly finalizes the transaction using a mobile device, and Alex walks out with his new laptop. This transition from online to offline and back again, all within one shopping trip, is mPOS.  


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Enhancing Retail Operations

Beyond delivering a fantastic shopping experience, mobile point of sales software also empowers retailers to operate more efficiently. Think about it - shorter queues, reduced human errors in transactions, and real-time inventory management. These systems are like having a mini retail command center in the hands of store associates, with the data gathered offering valuable insights for smarter business decisions. 

The Evolution of POS Applications

Omnichannel Retail POS applications 

From bulky cash registers to sleek touch-screen terminals, the evolution of POS applications has been nothing short of remarkable.

But mobile POS systems take this evolution a step further. No longer confined to the checkout counter, retail mPOS is transforming the shopping experience itself. It is not just about ringing in sales; it is about creating a shopping journey that is as fluid as your customers' needs.

While we are diving into the world of mPOS, here is a fascinating fact: the concept of the cash register is much older than you might think. In 1879, James Ritty invented the 'Incorruptible Cashier' to stop his employees from pilfering money. He patented it in 1883. Little did he know that this humble invention would eventually evolve into today's mPOS systems, transforming the retail world.  

Transition from Traditional POS to Mobile POS

To truly grasp the potential of mobile POS, let us rewind to the not-so-distant past when traditional Point of Sale (POS) systems reigned supreme. These were the clunky machines that came to mind when we thought about 'checking out' in a store. But they were limited, and most of the retail experience remained anchored to the physical store. If a retailer wanted to make waves in the digital world, they had to rely on disjointed, manual processes.


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Benefits of Mobile POS

Now, here's where retail mPOS strides in with its superhero cape. The benefits of running a store on mPOS are enormous. These systems are incredibly flexible and accessible, making them a game-changer for both customers and retailers. For instance, store associates can help you pick the perfect dress or gadget from anywhere within the store. No more waiting in line for a simple transaction. Plus, this newfound mobility translates into a smarter utilization of retail space. Imagine what retailers can do with that empty checkout counter! 

mPOS in Omnichannel Retail

The buzzword today is 'omnichannel.' It is about providing customers with a consistent experience across all channels, whether it is a website, mobile app, or walking into a physical store. And right at the heart of this strategy is mPOS. 

MPOS today is being used for a myriad of applications in omnichannel retail: 

  • Browsing websites to create customer orders
  • Saving the sale with a quick reservation of size unavailable in store
  • Browsing a custom endless aisle catalog to select and order a suitable product for the customer
  • Sending customers digital receipts of orders, payments and vouchers
  • Enabling self-checkout on a dedicated kiosk
  • Billing at exhibitions
  • Confirming online order items in store to accept fulfilment role in omnichannel orders 

The future of retail is all about being everywhere your customers are. Discover how mPOS makes it possible!


Bridging the Gap

MPOS in omnichannel retail plays a central role in connecting the dots between online and offline shopping. It is like a bridge that connects both worlds, allowing retailers to access real-time data from online sales in their physical stores. This data means that store associates can offer personalized services - like suggesting products based on a customer's online browsing history. 

The Key Features of mPOS

Real-Time Inventory Management 

Inventory Tracking:

Inventory management has never been this smooth. It is as simple as scanning a product's barcode to check if it is in stock. The best part? This real-time data syncs seamlessly with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, which takes the guesswork out of inventory management. Your staff knows exactly what is in stock, what needs restocking, and what's running low. 

Barcode Label Printing 

But that is not all. Retail mPOS is not just about tracking inventory; it is also about making it easier. Like printing barcode labels on the fly. 

Simplified Inventory:

Got a new batch of products in? No problem. Print barcode labels in-store without the need for separate software. This simple step elevates your inventory management and ensures your team can easily track products from arrival to purchase. And, if a customer decides to return or exchange a product, a quick scan of the barcode retrieves all the necessary information. Simple, right?

When you generate labels directly from your mobile device, you eliminate the need to enter data multiple times, reducing the risk of typos or incorrect information. It is a faster, more efficient, and more accurate way to manage your inventory. 

Customization and Flexibility:

Another remarkable aspect of mPOS's barcode label printing feature is its flexibility. You are not limited to one type of label or a single format. You can customize the labels to suit your store's unique requirements. Whether you need labels for clothing, electronics, or groceries, mobile POS systems can accommodate your needs. You can include information like the product name, price, description, and, of course, the barcode itself.

Let us say your store is having a special sale. With mPOS, you can quickly adjust the labels to reflect the discounted price, ensuring your customers are aware of the fantastic deals you are offering. This level of customization and adaptability ensures that your inventory is always well-organized and accurately labeled. 

Efficient Reordering:

But what happens when you run low on label stock? Traditional labeling systems might require a separate process to order and replenish labels, leading to delays and the potential for inventory management challenges. MPOS for retail simplifies this too. 

With a few taps on your device, you can check your label stock levels. If you are running low, you can quickly reorder labels without leaving the sales floor or navigating through a maze of screens. This level of convenience ensures that your labeling process remains smooth and uninterrupted.

Moreover, the whole barcode label printing process is designed to be user-friendly, so your staff can quickly adapt to it. You will not need a dedicated team member just for label printing; your existing sales associates can efficiently manage it as part of their overall responsibilities. This efficiency extends to other inventory management tasks, creating a well-coordinated and organized store environment. 

Comprehensive Cash Management 

Retail mPOS offers a comprehensive cash management module. It tracks everything from cash inflows and outflows to terminal cash transfers. Plus, it lets you record and reconcile payments made to banks and various customer bill payment methods, aligning them perfectly with the bank's POS report. You name it - Paytm, PhonePe, UPI, and more - mPOS synchronizes seamlessly with these payment modes, streamlining the process and making payments a breeze. 

Customer Orders and Fulfillment 

Making your customers happy is the name of the game in retail. This is where mPOS shines. mPOS software simplifies the process of creating customer orders. They can be paid for partially or in full, and on delivery, these orders transform into invoices. The bonus? The order-to-pick list feature, combined with pick list confirmation, makes order fulfillment a breeze, especially for online orders. 

Promotions and E-Gift Vouchers 

Versatile Promotions 

What's retail without a good deal? Omnichannel POS comes equipped with a powerful promotion engine.

These promotions are not just limited to a few items; they can be applied to an assortment of products. This means you can offer direct value benefits to your customers, such as discounts, and even classic deals like buy-one-get-one.

The beauty of it is that these promotions are designed to benefit all customers. No more searching for special coupons or waiting for the next big sale. MPOS in retail puts the power of promotions right in your hands. 

E-Gift Vouchers

Digital gift vouchers are highly valuable tools in the retail industry, and indeed, mPOS systems have the capability to effectively utilize them.

These e-vouchers can be sent via SMS and serve as nifty alternatives to traditional paper gift certificates. They are not just for sale; you can also use them as promotional tools. To ensure security and prevent fraudulent activities, redemption happens instantly using a one-time password (OTP).

In a world where convenience and speed are everything, e-gift vouchers are a win-win for both you and your customers. 

Product Exchange and Returns

Today’s consumers increasingly expect enhanced flexibility within their retail experiences, particularly concerning return and exchange processes. MPOS for retail adeptly caters to these expectations. With a few more taps on the screen, mPOS's intuitive interface ensures that returning or exchanging a product is a hassle-free process, which customers appreciate.

Efficient Transactions 

Gone are the days when product returns were a hassle. With mPOS, the process becomes seamless. In conjunction with webstores, mPOS software ensures efficient transaction tracking. It stores all mPOS transactions online, making it easy to generate exchange or refund notes when needed. Now, customers can enjoy a seamless shopping experience across various stores, knowing that returns and exchanges are straightforward and hassle-free. 

Store Credit and Advances

The practice of providing store credit is akin to extending a gesture of goodwill towards your customers. It demonstrates your commitment to their satisfaction and is a powerful tool for building long-lasting relationships. When customers are aware that they hold store credit, they are more likely to return for future purchases, effectively ensuring their continued patronage.

Moreover, store credit allows for smoother and quicker transactions. Customers can easily redeem their store credit, simplifying the payment process and making their shopping experience more efficient and enjoyable. 

Customer Loyalty

Store credit is a powerful tool for building customer loyalty. With mPOS in omnichannel retail, businesses can easily generate a credit note in the customer's name, which can be adjusted for multiple future occasions. It is like a gift that keeps on giving, and your customers will love you for it. This kind of customer-centric approach can set your retail business apart from the competition. 

Advance Payments

In certain cases, customers are eager to make advance payments, whether it is to secure a new product or take advantage of a unique offer. Retail Mobile POS system streamlines this process by generating a credit note in the customer's name, which can be later adjusted against an invoice in the future. It is the perfect win-win, ensuring your customers get what they want promptly and helping you manage your finances effectively. 

User Management and Security

User Management

Security is paramount in the modern retail world, and software such as Ginesys mPOS takes these concerns seriously. The software employs a multi-layered security approach, including OTP and password-based access for enhanced protection. Unified user management allows efficient activation and administration of all users and sales staff. Moreover, to maintain strict access control, the system implements authorization of authorized devices, ensuring only authorized personnel can access the omnichannel POS system. 

Paperless Billing

As the world becomes increasingly eco-conscious, software like Ginesys mPOS offer a paperless billing option. POS bills can be effortlessly sent to customers via email and mobile as PDF documents, promoting eco-friendly practices. Additionally, you can enable SMS invoicing through an SMS pack. The format of the POS bill can be customized to align with the unique needs of brands or retailers. 

ERP and Ecommerce Integrations 

Streamlining Operations 

mPOS goes beyond in-store transactions, seamlessly integrating with both ERP systems and e-commerce platforms. 

Easy ERP Integrations

For comprehensive enterprise resource planning, mPOS integrates seamlessly with various ERP systems, ensuring that retailers can enjoy peace of mind. Compatibility is available with leading ERP systems, including Microsoft, SAP, and more. 

Ecommerce Integrations

Online sales are an essential component of modern retail. Mobile Point of Sales software simplifies the process of selling through e-commerce platforms, effectively connecting with webstores and marketplaces. This integration allows for efficient management of omnichannel sales.

With mPOS, you are not just streamlining your operations; you are future proofing your retail business. The future belongs to those who can adapt quickly and offer the seamless shopping experience that customers crave. 

Omnichannel Sales from Mobile

Seamless Omnichannel Fulfillment:

Exploring the process of fulfilling omnichannel orders with retail mobile POS unveils a world of opportunities for modern retailers. mPOS offers seamless integration with both online and offline channels, making it easier to meet customer expectations and demands.

At the forefront of this mPOS revolution is Ginesys One. Their advanced mobile POS solution for retail, Zwing mPOS, takes retail to the next level. It is compatible with a wide range of Android devices, eliminating the need for costly hardware upgrades.

The Backoffice Management App centralizes store management, allowing real-time synchronization of policies, product details, and promotional updates across all stores. Inventory management is effortless, thanks to automated real-time tracking and barcode label printing. The system even manages cash flow comprehensively, including various payment modes and petty cash expenditures.

Customer orders, promotions, and digital gift vouchers are integrated for a streamlined shopping experience. Moreover, Ginesys mPOS simplifies product exchanges and returns, enhances customer loyalty through store credit, and facilitates advance payments. Robust user management and multi-layered security ensure data protection.

As an environmentally conscious solution, Ginesys mPOS promotes paperless billing and offers seamless integration with ERP systems and e-commerce platforms.

In the omnichannel retail landscape, Ginesys mPOS automatically assigns orders to the nearest store for efficient order processing and delivery.

For retailers aiming to bridge the gap between traditional and modern retail, Ginesys mPOS is the comprehensive solution that delivers flexibility, security, and efficiency. ASK FOR A DEMO today and discover how Ginesys mPOS can revolutionize your retail operations.  


Contact Ginesys One and discover how Zwing mPOS can create a seamless omnichannel shopping experience for your customers.