Things to look out for in an efficient Retail Point-of-Sale Software

    Things Retailers should look at for while choosing a POS system

    Dec 12, 2017

    In today’s day and age, every retailer understands the importance of having a Retail Point-of-Sales system incorporated in their business. However, the main problem that… read more

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    South India Retail Summit 2017

    South India Retail Summit was a Power-Packed Summit

    Dec 09, 2017

    Ginesys participated in the third edition of the South India Retail Summit (SIRS) Bangalore. The event witnessed participation from many of the big retail chains and brands from South India including our clients.

    Ginesys was represented… read more

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    Password for data security in Ginesys retail software

    Secure Your Ginesys Retail ERP data with Stronger Password Policy

    Dec 01, 2017

    Strong passwords are the first step to prevent unauthorized usage of any data. So to provide a higher level of security for your business, Ginesys software introduces the Password policy. Now Ginesys users can set password policies for the… read more

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    Sales return

    Sales Return Wizard introduced for Unmanaged Franchise (Outright) Sites

    Dec 01, 2017

    In case of your sales return, issuing a sales return credit note to the customer as per the original invoice is a tedious task. It becomes, even more, time-consuming when the same item is sent to the customer multiple times in multiple invoices… read more

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    Barcode Software

    Why every Apparel and Clothing Retailer should have a Barcode System

    Nov 27, 2017

    Business first realized the potential of barcodes when it was first created as a grocery store retail solution and it soon spread to into other sectors like warehouse management. Barcode scanners have become a way of life and a necessity in every… read more

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    GST Policy for Retailers and Wholesalers

    The Silver Lining of Goods and Service Tax for Retailers and Wholesalers

    Nov 21, 2017

    GST has been rather positive for the retail sector with the first one being reduced taxes, where GST reduces the tax burden on retailers as they had to pay many different forms of tax pre-GST such as CAT, CST, service tax etc. GST helps… read more

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    CIO Review Magazine featured Ginesys as a Comprehensive ERP for Retail Value Chain

    Nov 18, 2017

    CIO Review Magazine featured Ginesys as a comprehensive ERP software. The article outlined the features of Ginesys retail ERP as an integrated solution for retail value chain offering a complete range of services ranging from production to… read more

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    Effective Point of Sale Software

    Signs that your Retail Business requires a new POS Software

    Nov 16, 2017

    In today’s retail environment, POS systems play a major role in the success of businesses both large and small. Even though the importance of POS systems is clear, it is still a touchy topic for small business owners. The main reason for this is… read more

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    An effective way of managing Cash Flow with POS for Retailers

    Nov 13, 2017

    One of the key factors for any business to grow is an Effective Cash Flow Management. One of the easiest ways of achieving this is with the help of Point-of-Sale, which allows businesses to not only save time but also helps them identify the… read more

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    GST Updates

    Updated Invoicing Norms for the Retailers in the GST Era

    Nov 02, 2017

    The invoicing norms set by the GST council is a sigh of relief for the Retailers in India. It helps abolish the issue of long invoices detailing prices and taxes for each item under the GST regime. It also allows retailers to avoid the issuing of… read more

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