Having an efficient purchase flow

    How Retailers Can Efficiently manage the Purchase Flow

    Feb 23, 2018

    Efficiently managing the purchase flow is something that Organisations have often struggled with. This leads to problems like spending too much time on purchases, not taking advantage of discounts etc. This is where Retail ERP… read more

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    Transit Via Feature

    Transit Via Concept

    Feb 19, 2018

    Ginesys Retail ERP has introduced Transit Via Concept which helps bring down the transportation costs of inventory for the Retailers. Normally, Retailers who need to transfer the inventory from the warehouse to the stores have… read more

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    Inventory Replenishment

    Important Factors for Replenishment beyond the Min-Max

    Feb 17, 2018

    Min-Max planning calculates whether the total available quantity is less than the minimum quantity to decide whether to suggest a new order. The main problem with the… read more

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    Local purchase at franchisee stores

    Local procurement from Franchisee Stores introduced

    Feb 17, 2018

    Ginesys retail ERP has introduced the provision to make any local purchase/return from managed franchisee stores. Earlier this operation was restricted for only company-owned retail stores, but now Ginesys users can select their managed… read more

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    Discount apportion in POS bill

    Discount apportion concept introduced for Get Items discount value

    Feb 17, 2018

    A new enhancement has been introduced in Ginesys retail POS software for the Buy-Get promotion POS billing.

    When a promotion is applied at the item level, then the discount is applied on the Get item to make them free. For Instance,… read more

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    Auto Replenishment

    Auto Replenishment in the Retail Scenario

    Feb 14, 2018

    The current Indian Retail Market is highly competitive in nature and hence retailers require tools like Automatic Store… read more

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    Omni-Channel Retail

    What is stopping Omni-Channel Retailing today and what can be done about it?

    Feb 13, 2018

    Omni-Channel Retail has been an area of interest for some time now, however, there’s still plenty of confusion and curiosity that surrounds this topic. Omni-Channel is… read more

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    POS system versus Cash Registers

    Point of Sale Vs Cash Registers: Which is better?

    Feb 02, 2018

    Cash management systems are essential for retail stores. This includes traditional, electric, cash register or an elaborate computerized Point of Sale system, which is… read more

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    Steps to increase retail sales

    Simple Steps to Increase the Retail Sales

    Feb 01, 2018

    Retailers, both big and small are always looking for ways to increase their retail sales. The main hurdle here is understanding what increasing retail sales means for… read more

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    Steps to set up an attractive Retail Store

    The art of setting up the perfect retail store

    Jan 18, 2018

    Setting up a retail store is an exciting proposition for businesses, be it your first store or your hundredth store. At the same time, it is important for retailers to ensure that they have done everything from their end to… read more

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