Eway Bill in Ginesys retail ERP

    Ginesys Adds E-way bill feature with Associated Reports

    Apr 02, 2018

    Ginesys keeps the date with Eway bill. In a timely move for its loyal customers, Ginesys has added the feature for… read more

    Ginesys Media Coverage on Zee Business

    Jun 16, 2014

    On 4th May 2014, ZEE Business covered Ginesys on the solutions and the services in retail value chain.

    Soumyadip Bhattacharya, Software Development Head of Ginesys highlighted the business benefits of ANALYTICS in Retail in multiple… read more

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    Information flow in Supply chain

    Real Time Information flow in Supply Chain: A Retail ERP must have

    Jun 10, 2014

    For accuracy in decision making, it is critical for all businesses to have information at the right time. For Retail, the importance of ‘Right Time’ is even more, owing to ever-changing, dynamic and competitive market it is in. Information flow… read more

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    customer loyalty

    Customer Loyalty Program: A Boon to Retail

    Jun 02, 2014

    From shopping malls to individual mom-and-pop shops, customer loyalty is continues to be the apple of the eye. Nearly 80% of retail sales come from 20% of the customers. This means, to keep customers returning, retailers need to help them remain… read more

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    Integration of Manufacturing with its Supply chain and Planning.

    Flexible Buying in Retail ERP: A Key to Success

    May 28, 2014

    There are broadly two ways a Retailer can grow

    By Increasing Sales and eventually Bottom line

    By decreasing costs to improve margins

    Wherein the former focuses on front-end customer operations and the later on back-end… read more

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    Ginesys Distribution

    Distribution Importance in Retail Business

    May 23, 2014

    Imagine having all of your products in four or five separate locations. Now imagine trying to get a product from each of those distribution centers to one location. Therefore in the highly competitive retail sales businesses, getting the right… read more

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    Retail Analytics

    Data Analytics: An indispensable tool in Apparel Industry

    May 15, 2014

    Data is a natural resource in modern retail. Data Analytics is all about analyzing the voluminous data in real time, which helps in enhancing management decisions. Apparel Industry is dynamic where success of next season’s collection hinges on… read more

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    Manyavar Store

    Manyavar #333 store: A wonderful door is opened

    May 06, 2014

    The leading ethnic wear brand Manyavar has unveiled its 333rd store at Lower Parel (opp Palladium), Mumbai. The store is of size 16, 000 Square feet of a sheer shopping experience.

    Manyavar is going from strength to strength at the… read more

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    Neeru’s and Creative Portico Awarded at Indian Retail Congress 2014

    Apr 30, 2014

    Recently, Creative Portico, a Ginesys client was awarded ‘Best Use of Social Media’ at the Indian Retail Congress Awards at Hyatt Regency, Gurgaon. Creative Portico is one of the fastest growing home styling solutions company in the Indian market… read more

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    Ginesys ERP

    Ginesys wins “Best Quality Customer Service Enabler” Award

    Apr 28, 2014

    Ginesys, leading solution provider for Retail Software won the award for “Best Quality Customer Service Enabler” at the Indian Retail Congress 2014, Gurgaon.

    Indian Retail Congress is an initiative by Franchise India to… read more

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    Ginesys Business Intelligence

    Ginesys featured in Retailer Magazine

    Apr 22, 2014

    Retailer Magazine published an article on Importance of Business Intelligence in the Retail world. Chandradeep Sen, VP Marketing & Sales Ginesys, in his article ‘Business Intelligence for Retailers’ emphasized on multiple… read more

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