Eway Bill in Ginesys retail ERP

    Ginesys Adds E-way bill feature with Associated Reports

    Apr 02, 2018

    Ginesys keeps the date with Eway bill. In a timely move for its loyal customers, Ginesys has added the feature for… read more

    And Designs by Anita Dongre

    Anita Dongre of AND Designs interviewed by Retail Today Magazine, Mar 2014

    Mar 13, 2014

    Anita Dongre, Creative Director, AND Designs India, is the name to surmise in the fashion design world. She spoke to Retail Today recently about fashion and retail in the modern world. She said that in the age of multi-channel existence social… read more

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    Point of sale Software

    Point Of Sale (POS) System IN GINESYS

    Mar 10, 2014

    A point-of-sale (POS) terminal is a computerized replacement for a cash register. The retailing industry is one of the predominant users of POS terminals. POS handles the inventory control, purchase, receive, return and transfer of products to… read more

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    Dynamic Taxation

    Worried about Dynamic Taxation rules? Not any more, with Ginesys!

    Mar 07, 2014

    Ever-changing government policies and taxation rules are common in the Indian Retail scenario. Normally, these policies affect all the transactions in a financial year. A robust Retail ERP should be able to handle such exceptions for the… read more

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    Inventory management software

    Inventory Management: Role and Benefits

    Mar 06, 2014

    Inventory Management is the nucleus of supply chain excellence in the retail world and is the process of efficiently overseeing the constant flow of units into and out of an existing inventory. Effective inventory management plays an important… read more

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    Production planning ERP Software

    Production Planning: An indispensable weapon in the arsenal of a Manufacturer

    Mar 06, 2014

    Dynamically changing consumer demands push manufacturers to grapple with 3 Rs: creating the Right mix of products at the Right time and at the Right rate. All three Rs are imperative to enhance the brand image of the company in the industry.… read more

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    Retail Analytics

    Good Data Analytics: A Valuable Tool in Retail

    Feb 28, 2014

    Retailers in the modern era watch out for latest solutions which can analyze their humongous data, intricacy and diversity and thereby leads to the insights of latest consumer trends and behavior. Good Data Analytics helps retailers to analyze… read more

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    Double Delight…Manyavar wins Pioneer in Ethnic Retail Business and Fastest Growing Company awards

    Feb 26, 2014

    Recently, Manyavar was awarded Pioneer in Ethnic Retail Business at the Asia Retail Congress Awards for Retail excellence at Taj Lands End, Mumbai. Asia Retail Congress is a global platform to promote world-class retail practices… read more

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    Production tracking ERP Software

    Tracking the stages in your Production is now at your fingertips

    Feb 24, 2014

    To keep with the pace of today’s dynamic marketplace, it is imperative to know the health of your production process in real-time. Tracking, stages in a production process, can be compared to BP Machine for a patient with Blood pressure problem… read more

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    Ginesys ERP, Kolkata

    Ginesys Center of Excellence: A dream transformed into Reality

    Feb 18, 2014

    Happiness cannot be measured, they say.

    Success knows no bounds, they say.

    Especially when a visionary dream comes true!

    Saturday, 15th of February 2014, Kolkata saw Ginesys achieve another jewel in their crown with the… read more

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    V mart

    V-Mart organises supplier meet ‘Shayog 2014′ to commemorate Ten years

    Feb 12, 2014

    8 February 2014 saw the leading value retailer in the country, V-Mart completing ten successful years of journey in retail. To commemorate all leading suppliers for their strategic association in the past decade, V-Mart had organized Shayog 2014… read more

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